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Growing up in a dysfunctional environment can have lifelong effects. Many effects may not even come forward in your life until you are an adult. It is common for an adult to be suffering from certain issues and to realize that it links back to their childhood. Every family has its own issues, problems, and slight dysfunction. It is the households with higher levels of dysfunction that can lead to deeper issues. It is important to note, however, that everyone is different. What affects you, may not affect someone else; what affects someone else slightly, may affect you greatly. 

Seek Professional Help 

If you are struggling with situations in your past, one option would be to seek professional help. You may find that you do not know the source of your problems or struggles, or you may not know where you should start to heal from past trauma. A professional can help you better understand your past, how it is affecting your current life, and how to work through it for the future.

What Does Professional Help Look Like

If you are struggling with issues related to having a dysfunctional childhood, the first step is going to be acknowledging that it was dysfunctional. Acknowledging and accepting that you did not receive the love, nurture, stability, or other emotional needs of childhood, will be an important part of being able to move forward. You will probably work through other strong emotions as well. You may need to work through profound sadness or irreconcilable anger. Treatment creates a safe space to work through these emotions. You may find journaling, narrative therapy, mindfulness, meditation, or art therapies to be a good fit for you. Learning to understand our past, and how it affects us, is an amazingly powerful tool.

Growing up in a dysfunctional household may leave effects that show up later in life. You may find yourself struggling because of your past, but not fully understand how to work through your struggles on your own. Seeking help from a professional to work through these struggles can make a big impact. You may work through strong emotions with the goal of understanding your past better and learning how to have a healthy, happy future. The Guest House has many therapeutic options to consider. We would love to speak with you to help you determine which therapeutic modality may be the best fit for you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.