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Implementing Mindfulness


Recovery is about striving for your goals while also being open to the changes going on around you. When you’re working toward your recovery goals, it’s a good idea to stay connected with the world. You don’t want to have your head down all of the time because you might miss some important tools that can help make your recovery a bit easier or more worthwhile.

An excellent tool that aids in your recovery is mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about keeping yourself in the present moment. It can be a very beneficial tool to have when you are beginning to feel overwhelmed. Below are some tips to further your mindfulness practices.

Do You

There is no one-size-fits-all mindfulness hat that you can buy at your local store, throw on your head, and be a mindfulness whiz. If you are too focused on following other people’s mindfulness rules, you may be missing out on something that works for you, or you may be trying to make something work that doesn’t fit your recovery.

If you’re trying out mindfulness for the first time, test out different methods and find what works for you. There isn’t a “right way” when it comes to mindfulness. Mix and match to create a plan that works for you.

Slow It Down

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with life, use mindfulness to help you slow down. If you’re rushing through an exercise just to fit it into your schedule so that you can check it off your to-do list, you aren’t going to be benefiting from it. Slowing down and really appreciating what you’re doing to help yourself is key. Prepare for your mindful routine by practicing some deep breathing exercises. These will help you be more present and purposeful in what you are doing.

Calm Down

Part of slowing it down means that you are allowing yourself to calm down. If your thoughts are running through your mind like cars on a racetrack, try to slow it down and calm down. A leisurely drive is much more manageable and can help you process what you’re feeling.

Be Present

Mindfulness is about focusing on the present moment. This means letting go of the past and the future. It isn’t easy to let go of your worries and focus on the now, so don’t get discouraged if it takes time to get our footing. Start by taking a few minutes of your day to be present and then try to increase that time when you get the hang of it.

Notice the World Around You and Within You

When you work on slowing down and being present, you’re going to begin to notice things that you may not have noticed before. Pay special attention to what is going on around you. Get in touch with your senses and keep those channels open. Then, turn your attention inward. Notice the whole world that is within you, from thoughts and feelings to what you believe. These things make up who you are. It’s important to get in touch with your inner being.

Gain Perspective

By taking note of your surroundings and of everything within you, you’re going to be able to gain new perspectives and see things in a new light. You may begin to realize new things about yourself and others because of the extra attention you are giving to your worlds. Withhold judgment as you learn new things. Notice how you feel as you gain perspective. How does this impact your recovery?


Because we are so busy so much of the time, you may not often take the time to listen to what your body truly needs from you. Because you’ll be paying more attention to yourself and what you are sensing, allow yourself the space to take in what your body is saying to you. Listen to yourself and what you need.


Mindfulness is also taking in to account how you fit into the world around you. Ponder how you are impacting the world and those in it. Figure out if you are proud of your impacts. If not, take a closer look at how you can help those around you.

Make Positive Changes

The last thing to implement with mindfulness is to remind yourself that you have the power to make positive changes within your own life and within the world around you. Focus on the present moment and think about what you can do to bring joy to others. Use positive affirmations or visuals to help motivate you to create positive change. The world is your playground. Use it to better yourself and those around you.

The Guest House is here to help you implement mindfulness into your recovery. Trauma recovery takes hard work. We know that you may have developed self-defeating behaviors as a result. Mindfulness can help make that work of overcoming trauma and substance use a bit more manageable. You have the power to change your life, and The Guest House can help. Call us today for more information at (855) 372-1079. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need to be successful in your recovery. Our trained and experienced staff is ready and willing to help. You won’t be disappointed with the programs we offer. Pick up the phone and call us now.