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Can I Choose When I Leave Rehab?The choice of leaving treatment early, even if it’s against professional advice, is a common question. If you are in rehab, no one can force you to stay, even if treatment was mandated by the courts. The ability for you to leave at any time is a consideration many individuals struggle with, but before leaving rehab, question why you want to leave early and what benefits you would receive if you walked out the door.

Factors Influence Decisions

Wondering if you should leave rehab early is a typical question often asked during the first 30 days of treatment. Various factors can influence a person’s decision to leave. You may have outside obligations. You may have negative feelings about being in rehab or feel that you don’t need treatment. Leaving rehab early or before the 30-day commitment is up can significantly impact your life; however, most treatment centers will understand your decision.

When you start questioning your commitment or wonder if you can choose when you leave rehab, it is vital to talk to someone first about how you’re feeling. It is normal to have heightened stress within the first 30 days of recovery, but a compassionate therapist or clinician can help you through any rough patch.

It may seem difficult to open up about your feelings and express your concerns, but it is critical to start questioning whether this is the right path. A therapist knows how to offer you professional support and comfort while remaining positive and relating to you and your situation. Even if your story is complex or you are scared of the transition, a therapist is there to help you receive support free from judgment.

The Guest House Is Here to Help With Your Concerns

The Guest House understands how obligations outside of treatment may be at the forefront of someone’s mind as they seek treatment. Before entering treatment, we ask for a minimal 30-day commitment, and we offer individual therapy sessions through various types of treatment options to give you the best support. We advise you to honor the first 30-day commitment, but you’re not held under lock and key.

Our certified trauma therapists engage with your situation, help you with possible burnout, and understand your story. This enables you to make actual progress without experiencing any fear. If you feel that you want to leave rehab early or decide when you want to leave, we are here to accept you for who you are and where you are. Our rehab center is here to help you on your recovery journey and not hold you back. With the right tools and case management, we can understand your needs deeper and help you move toward healing and wholeness.

At The Guest House, we want to promote healthy healing of recovery that will last long term and provide you a solution to uphold a fresh new healthy lifestyle. If you are questioning whether you want to leave rehab early or if you wonder if you can choose when you want to go, we encourage you to reach out to our therapists for immediate support and guidance. For more information on deciding when to leave rehab, reach out to The Guest House at (855) 483-7800.