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Carfentanil Use

Drugs are a threat to people of all ages and demographics. Some are more dangerous than others. Carfentanil is one such drug. Learn more about the severe effects of the risky substance on people’s lives and why people need to be careful when dealing with Carfentanil or any other drug and seek help for recovery. 

Drug Carfentanil

A synthetic opioid has a potency of around 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin. The drug is 100 times more potent than fentanyl and lethal to people who ingest just a little bit of the drug. It was never approved for pain management in people and is only prescribed to tranquilize elephants or other larger animals. Some of the signs a person may be using the drug include:

  • Sedation
  • Disorientation
  • Drowsiness

Since the drug Carfentanil is related to the analgesic fentanyl, first responders are required to handle it the way they are instructed to handle fentanyl. These drugs can possibly kill people who touch the drug. It is important to secure the substance so it cannot be unintentionally inhaled as it is transported to the lab.


Carfentanil addiction is known to lead to death. This is not shocking, but it is so much stronger than other drugs out there, there are some challenges to helping people who use it before they even try the drug. Medical professionals who try it usually put on goggles and gloves before coming into contact with it. Those who need to administer the drug usually do it from a safe distance by shooting them with a dart gun. That is how dangerous it is. Inhaling any amount of the substance can be fatal. Making contact with the skin may be deadly as well. The drug is potent enough that 5 milligrams can kill seven buffalos. 

Opioid Crisis

With an addiction to heroin, it is difficult to know when or if a person may be subjected to Carfentanil. The drug is added to heroin to make the substance potent. The drug is deadly and can cause death. It is dangerous because people don’t know they are taking the odorless drug. Taking the drug is usually happenstance as it is laced in with other drugs. It is dangerous to people who are around them, as well, and has no real medicinal use in humans outside of a tranquilizer for large animals.


With other drugs, there is treatment available. The drug is highly toxic, so naloxone may be used to help save a person’s life in the event of an overdose. Until the person addresses deep-rooted issues leading to drug use, recovery is not very likely. Professional attention is critical in addiction cases. Resources are abundant and people should be ready to share support with an individual struggling with addiction, though it may be challenging for them to do so initially. Over time they may grow to understand their role in helping a loved one quit drugs and move forward in their life.