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If you have suffered from addiction for a period of time, you may have become so consumed that your identity became intertwined with that addiction. Addiction has a way of making everything about it. All of your time, thoughts, actions, and values became connected to your substance of choice. Who you were was an addiction.

As you enter recovery, it can be challenging to change that mindset. Often many people think of themselves as a person who had a former addiction. Breaking free from that identity can be challenging and take time and energy. However, you are more than someone who suffered from an addiction. You are an incredible person who has journeyed through something difficult. As you begin your journey of finding out who you really are, here are a few points to keep in mind.

Build Your Confidence

Building your confidence is essential. Addiction probably left you feeling broken. Many people struggle with the idea that they are worthy of a life outside of their addiction. That struggle becomes real when faced with challenges and triggers. Recovery is an amazing time; however, it can be scary as well. You desperately want to make the right choices.

Find support and activities that help you to build your confidence. Continue working with a therapist to better understand your core struggles and the best tools to face your challenges.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Rediscovering who you really are can be an exciting and fun time. What did you enjoy doing before addiction took over your life? Did you enjoy traveling? Did you enjoy the outdoors or doing artistic activities?

Sometimes doing new activities or meeting brand new people can be scary. You may worry about not being good at something. You may even completely fail. Many people worry about meeting new people for fear of being judged or not being understood. You might get judged, and you might not be good at the new activity you try. However, that should never stop you from trying new things and stepping outside your comfort zone. Growth is tremendous. You will meet new people who do not judge your past and love you for your current self.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Who you surround yourself with can make a significant impact on your recovery journey. As you work to understand yourself and find your identity, surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Who are the people that bring out the best in you? Who are those that make you want to be a better person? It is those people that you will want around you as you take the time to rediscover who you really are.

Consider Change

What sort of changes are you considering making to your life now that you are sober? Have you considered changing locations? What about getting new employment? Going back to school? All of the changes that you make in life help to form your identity. You have so many options ahead of you. Consider what you have always wanted to do and create smaller steps to get you there.

Change can be awkward and uncomfortable. It can be scary to make changes, even smaller changes. If you are trying to rediscover who you are after addiction, making changes may be the perfect option for you to consider.

Focus On Your Goals

Your goals will help you to shape and form your identity.  The goals you choose will say a lot about who you are and what is important to you. Everyone is unique and on a different path. Take time to really find out who you are and what is important to you.

As you journey through recovery, you will probably be influenced by many people. You will come across loved ones and friends who have opinions about what you should be focused on or working towards. You will also be influenced by social media and other people who are in recovery. Take in what other people have to say and give thought to it. Ultimately, however, focus on what you know is best for you. It is those things that will shape your identity and make you into the unique person you are.

Work On Self-Esteem

Work on your self-esteem and feeling good about who you are and what you are capable of. As you take time to understand what impacts your self-esteem and what you need to continue working on, you will form your identity. Try out different strategies until you find what helps you the most.

Creating an identity beyond your addiction is important and powerful. You are so much more than someone who struggled with addiction. Let your recovery mold you into who you have always wanted to be. Focus on building your confidence and self-esteem. As those things grow, so will your identity of who you really are. Consider the goals you have in place and what changes you are making in your life now that you are leading a sober lifestyle. Rediscovering who you are is a fun and exciting process. Surround yourself with people who will help your journey and bring you positivity. Change can be scary, but you do not need to face change alone. Here at The Guest House, we are ready to help you better understand your mental health issues and become the person you are striving to be. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you.