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Music and art have been used as a means of helping people express their emotions and to understand the emotions of others. We might be able to more clearly express our emotions through abstract means with creativity. Art and music are powerful in their expressive capabilities. We may be feeling blocked from expressing our deep-seated emotions. We may struggle in therapy or groups due to an inability to accurately express our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. For those of us suffering from past traumas, we may find the act of opening up or sharing to be difficult. Our emotions may be confusing and mixed up. Our thoughts might feel chaotic or scattered. Art and music therapy may help to organize our thoughts and feelings through a creative outlet. We might then begin to fully understand our emotions more thoroughly and be more willing to share with others.

Art and music therapy can help us find a focus point to creatively share our emotions. We can throw ourselves into creative activity and engage in the process of healing through a new means of expression. Art therapists are trained to help us understand our emotions through painting, sculpture, drawing, and other forms of art. They may see things in our artwork that are not readily apparent to us. Music therapists can help us in a similar way. They may help us write songs and lyrics to capture our emotions. By expressing our pain through music, we may be able to understand ourselves. We can dive into the song-writing process and create something from our emotions. Once our emotions find a way out of our minds, we can begin to heal from them.


The Guest House encourages our clients to express themselves in a variety of ways. We encourage our clients to engage in the creative process as a way of expressing things that may be difficult to talk about. By getting our emotions out through any means available, we can begin the process of healing. When our emotions are buried or not expressed, we may feel blocked up or numb. We may feel alone in our thoughts or like we cannot connect to others in a meaningful way if we lack the ability to talk about our deepest thoughts and feelings. Art and music therapists specialize in using creative means of unlocking the feelings deep inside of ourselves. Call The Guest House today for more information about our recovery treatment program at (855) 483-7800!