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Does Regret Affect My Well-being?

Regrets can haunt people. The path not taken, the relationship that ended, the words once said can echo in a person’s mind. But, regret can serve two functions in life: one is to dwell, and the other is to learn. The choice is up to each individual.

What Is Regret?

Most people regret actions or words that are from the past. They wonder where they would be if they did something else, took a chance, or followed their routine. The adverse emotional effects regret has on your well-being include stress and depression. Why? Because the loss or sorrow of all that could have been often weighs heavily on your mind.

How Does Regret Affect Me?

Regret is a double-edged sword. When you turn it against yourself, you can damage the well-being of your mind and body. Constantly reliving the past and blaming yourself for something is futile. You can’t go back and change what is done, but you can move forward.

If you stay in a place where you hold onto persistent negative thoughts, that increases your risk of depression. Furthermore, self-deprecating rumination can cause chronic stress. Chronic stress can hurt your immunity and hormones. You block your healing ability when you don’t let go of your regret.

Where Does Regret Come From?

You can regret words, behaviors, or actions. But, you can also anguish over what you didn’t do. Looking back on the path you didn’t take, the routine you altered from, or the adventure you were hesitant to go on are causes for regret. You can feel disappointed because you came close to a different outcome but missed it because of inaction.

For example, what if you buy a lottery ticket every week and use the same numbers each time. But, the one time you forgot, your numbers came up. How would you feel? Were you annoyed or remorseful? The thought of what could have been can overwhelm your present.

How Can I Cope With Regret?

There are benefits to feeling regret if you flip how you think. Instead of dwelling on the could have, should have, or would have, find ways to use guilt to learn and motivate. You can do this by:

Find the Functional Aspects

All of your emotions are a form of survival. When you look back at something and feel regret, use that feeling to assess why you regret a behavior. Guilt can lead you to heal by beginning therapy.

Let It Go

You can’t control everything. Review a situation and sort out what you could and couldn’t control. Then, let go of what you couldn’t control.

Rethink How You Think

Everyone makes mistakes. Consider your behavior as a way to learn from a mistake. Sometimes you can discover triggers or core values.

Regret is a chance to learn about yourself. The mistakes you make teach you how to make different choices. Regret can lead to significant life changes, like beginning therapy. If regret is a cause of a mental health disorder, you can find help at The Guest House. Our staff tailors your treatment to your needs. We can guide you to find what you sought when you came to us. During your stay on our serene estate near Ocala, Florida, you can participate in various therapies. To learn more, call (855) 483-7800.