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Big meals, warm fires, favorite movies- there are plenty of reasons to snuggle down and become inactive during the winter. Wintertime is for hibernation, for being as dormant as possible to preserve energy. Thankfully as humans, we have access to everything we need all winter long and have no need to hibernate or preserve- unless we live in areas with extreme weather conditions.

Mental Health Challenges Unique To Wintertime

Staying active during the winter months can be a challenge. Seasonal Affective Disorder, a form of seasonal depression, is common during the winter months. Depression can cause a lack of motivation, inspiration, and passion, in addition to chronic fatigue and exhaustion. These symptoms can be exacerbated by a lack of movement, but can also cause a lack of movement.

Exercise and movement of any kind are proven to be effective ways to reduce symptoms of depression.

Scroll down for our handy infographic on how to stay active over the winter months!

Creative Ways To Get Moving During The Winter

  • Cook more than you order in: It can be tempting to order in and making eating as convenient as possible during the winter. Cooking up a storm can help you get moving. Put on some music and make the entire meal production a flurry of movements. You’ll be more likely to cook healthy with whole food ingredients and well-rounded nutrition as well, another added benefit to moving through winter with good mental health.
  • Take advantage of time indoors: Physical movement doesn’t have to be any kind of workout routine, all you have to do is get moving. Clean out your house. Go through closets, drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes that have gone untouched for years. Deep clean one area at a time or reorganize by moving furniture. Freshening up the house will help you start the new year on a clean slate- at least, a cleaner one.
  • Find at home work out videos: If you live in an area where the winter might prevent you from getting to the gym or getting outside for your normal workout routine, find something you can do at home. Thanks to technology, there are Youtube channels, videos, websites, and even channels on cable TV, as well as many different apps for smart devices that can provide great workouts.

Shrug Off the Winter Blues in Recovery with These Helpful TipsStaying energized with constructive activities in the colder months is essential in making sure those who struggle with addiction or mental health conditions can keep a healthy perspective on their recovery, through the winter and beyond!

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INFOGRAPHIC: Renew Your Comittment To Recovery This Winter