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Earning Back Family Trust in Treatment

Battling substance use disorder (SUD) takes a toll not only on the individual but also on family relationships. The damage that substance abuse is doing to the individual affects others as well. When individuals struggle daily with substance abuse, they may begin to isolate themselves from family and behave in ways that cause trust to be broken. However, family support plays an important role in an individual’s recovery journey, so restoring broken relationships is a critical element in recovery.

Restoring Trust

In early recovery, many individuals will want to accept that they made mistakes and right their wrongs. Reconciling with family members and mending trust is one way to begin the process. There are different ways to restore faith with family members. You can work to regain trust by consistently keeping your word. Keeping your word and being honest with yourself and others can go a long way in restoring trust and rebuilding relationships. 

You can also learn to respect boundaries, stay accountable, communicate more directly, fulfill all of your obligations, and maintain your commitment to recovery. All of these actions show family members and other important people in your life that you are doing what it takes to earn back their trust. Sometimes, your family needs to see your actions rather than just hear you are changing. These actions can also help you relearn to trust yourself and your commitment to recovery.

Trust-Building Treatment Options

During recovery, you need to understand that regaining the trust of a family is not always an easy process, and it will take time. Family members can help by treating the person in treatment with respect and being patient with the process.

If you struggle with substance abuse or have someone in your family who does, providing emotional and practical supportcan help to rebuild the relationship. Many treatment centers include family members in therapy, and trust-building can be part of the process.

When both sides of the family work to rebuild trust and respect, relationships can be restored. If the individual in treatment and their family members listen, are patient, and offer encouragement, trust can be rebuilt over time. If you want to earn back your family’s trust in treatment or if you are looking to rebuild trust with your loved one who struggles with substance abuse, The Guest House can help. We understand that part of overcoming substance abuse is rebuilding trust and helping families to reconnect. For more information, contact us at (855) 483-7800.