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How Addiction Changes Our Reality


Everyone is living in their own world. Sometimes your world intersects with someone else’s world. You see their point of view and they see yours. But, sometimes it isn’t that easy. This is because your world isn’t the world, your reality isn’t the reality. Add an addiction into the mix and your whole world has changed. Continue reading to learn more about how addiction changes your reality. Don’t let addiction stand in the way of getting you the help you need to lead a life of recovery. We can help you see reality in a newer, clearer light.

What You Know to Be True

Your reality is built on your own experiences and observations. You make assumptions based on these things and, over time, you form conclusions. These conclusions help make up your beliefs. The same goes for everyone in the world around you. Their reality is based on their experiences and observations, which help lead them to form beliefs.

There are many things that can influence your reality, including addiction. Your beliefs may be clouded because of an addiction, whereas someone else can see clearly because they do not have experiences with addiction. These beliefs that everyone holds is what they know to be true.

For example, one person may fully believe that alcohol provides enjoyment. The person standing next to them may fully believe that alcohol does not provide enjoyment. These realities are true to the people who believe them, but the real truth is a lot more difficult to understand.

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is something that most people seek, even though it is usually unconscious. The tendency to seek out information that will confirm what you believe is called confirmation bias. For example, let’s say you are the person that fully believes that alcohol provides enjoyment and your friend believes the opposite.

You may be trying to prove to your friend that your belief is reality, so you will search for examples that help prove your case. Although these may be great examples, you will probably have a tendency to gravitate toward these examples that help prove your case, while ignoring the great examples that would disprove your case.

When someone is dealing with an addiction, the confirmation bias is strong and often irrational. People with addictions will go to great lengths to prove that their alcohol use is good for them. They might try to say that by drinking alcohol, they are friendlier, funnier, and less stressed.

They will do anything to help confirm their beliefs. This often extends to them trying to prove that they do not have a problem that needs outside help. This is where confirmation bias can get dangerous. The person with the addiction can’t see the reality because they are too caught up in their reality.

From Conscious to Unconscious

When we have an experience, we know that it is happening. You know that you drank one glass of wine when you got to the party, for example. What you don’t realize is that each of your experiences is unconsciously contributing to a belief, whether you like it or not. Pretty soon, you’re having another drink, and then another. You leave the party that evening with the belief that it was a great party with an electric environment.

If you ask your partner how they thought the party was, they may reply with a completely different answer than you were expecting. Because you associate alcohol with a good time, you believe the party was a hit. Your partner, however, may not carry that same assumption, so they believe that the party was a drag because there was nothing to do but drink.

In this situation, your reality is very different from their reality. Both of your unique unconscious experiences, observations, assumptions, and conclusions contributed toward your unique beliefs. It wasn’t until someone else’s belief was brought to your attention that you realized why you believed what you did.

Addiction and Reality

It’s well known that substances can heavily influence your decision making but, just like in the scenarios that we discussed above, addiction also has the ability to cloud reality. You may think that these substances you consume are helping you in many ways. However, your view is tainted by your addiction. It often isn’t until someone with a clear view of reality comes in that you are able to be enlightened.

Your addiction likes to tell you that you are better off with it in your life. It will find as many reasons as it needs to keep you from getting help. Sometimes, though, doubts creep in and remind you that maybe substance use isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you are having doubts and think you may benefit from help, reach out to someone you trust.

The Guest House is here to help you see the reality, not just your reality. You deserve to see that success is attainable. We can help you explore how your addiction has impacted your life. You just have to take the first step and reach out to us. Call us now at (855) 372-1079. We can’t wait to speak with you and get you the help you need. Our trained and experienced staff can help you find a program that works for you. Reach out to us and let us do the rest. You deserve help for your addiction. Call us.