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How Adventure Therapy in Nature Benefits Addiction Recovery

Nature benefits addiction recovery in expansive and exciting ways. Spending time in nature, in general, can be one of the most powerful therapeutic modalities. When adventure therapy is added to this atmosphere, it can have a wide range of benefits for long-term success.

Nature Benefits for Physical and Mental Wellness

Nature as a therapeutic practice has been used for centuries to aid the sick and promote both physical and mental well-being. From its ancient foundations to more modern-day practices, nature’s benefits are unparalleled.

Ancient Foundations

The benefits of nature are rooted in ancient foundations. Pre-modern civilization relied heavily on the great outdoors, especially before modern medicine. According to a 2021 study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Hippocrates praised “airs, waters, and places” as necessities for both physical and mental well-being. Ancient Roman texts suggest there are health benefits to green spaces. Gardens were even prescribed for monasteries in the late 1200s to aid the sick and preserve health.

Modern-Day Practices

In recent years, nature as a wellness tool has been making somewhat of a comeback. Even in the Western world, where modern medicine reigns supreme, more people are turning to natural alternatives like nature.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), people have been praising the benefits of nature for centuries. However, more recent research has shown that people living near parks and green spaces have “less mental stress, are more physically active, and have extended life spans.” Nature may even positively impact human mortality from chronic disease. Outdoor exercise has also been found to promote health more than its indoor counterpart.

Nature Benefits for Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

For those struggling with addiction or mental health concerns, the benefits of nature can be even more profound. According to a 2021 study in SSM – Population Health, nature’s “green spaces” are beneficial to overall mental wellness because they can function as “restorative spaces.” Green spaces can also support social interaction, bolster physical activity, and mitigate the negative effects of noise and pollution.

Individuals in recovery can gain a fresh perspective on daily life with the aid of nature. One of the most difficult parts of the recovery process is breaking a familiar cycle. With outdoor therapies, it can become easier to create new habits, form stronger bonds with others, and free your mind of worries.

Adventure Therapy in Nature

Adventure therapy in nature benefits recovery in many ways. This therapeutic modality has become more popular over the last few years. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health defines adventure therapy as “programs or services that utilize outdoor activities and experiential learning exercises to help participants to deal with their psychological problems.” This outdoor therapy has proven benefits for addiction treatment, mental health conditions, and even for at-risk youth.

Adventure therapy can include a number of outdoor activities in the wilderness. Activities like camping, hiking, and ziplining can all provide great benefits. Individuals can find confidence, build strong life skills, connect with peers, and overcome obstacles. The added benefit is the background of the great outdoors and the fresh air.

Other Outdoor Therapies

Adventure therapy is just one way activities in nature can benefit recovery. Numerous outdoor therapies exist with the aim of helping those overcome addiction, mental health conditions, and self-destructive behaviors. Outdoor therapies can vary greatly in practice. They may include approaches like “walk and talk therapy,” garden and animal-assisted therapies, and expedition-based wilderness or adventure therapy. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health mentions that outdoor therapeutic approaches have “shown improvement across a wide range of social, emotional, physical, physiological, and psychological outcomes and populations.”

Nature Benefits at The Guest House

At The Guest House, we are proud to offer a wide range of therapies and holistic activities held in the great outdoors. In fact, our beautiful 52-acre estate is the perfect backdrop where you can find solace and a fresh perspective for your healing journey.

Adventure Therapy

Our adventure therapy program is an exciting and engaging program that will allow you to be active, think creatively, and strengthen your connection with your peers in stimulating activities like games, obstacle courses, and more. Most adventure therapy takes place on our sprawling estate. You may also find yourself on the outskirts of scenic Ocala for guided hiking or another wilderness-based activity. Our highly-trained clinical staff includes therapists and experienced moderators who will ensure your adventure therapy activities are carried out safely and productively.

Other Outdoor Therapies

At The Guest House, we encourage our guests to experiment with our wide variety of cutting-edge therapeutic modalities. We believe that individuality comes first in treatment, so it’s important to explore different options to find what works best for your unique needs.

Our equine therapy program focuses on the profound bond that can be built between humans and horses. Taking care of an animal can help those struggling with trauma, addiction, and mental health as they rediscover how to love, trust, and care once again.

The estate at The Guest House can provide a scenic location for your healing. You may want to participate in yoga, outdoor group activities, or even bring your journal outside by yourself for some alone time and deep introspection. Many of our indoor therapies can also be conducted outside in nature. There is truly something for everyone here at The Guest House.

Nature benefits recovery in profound ways. The great outdoors provides a perfect backdrop for breaking the vicious cycle of mental health disorders, trauma, addiction, and other self-destructive behaviors. At The Guest House, we are proud to offer an exciting adventure therapy program where you can participate in wilderness-based activities that will help you build critical life skills, strengthen your connection with peers, and get your mind off of the cycle of addiction. Our beautiful 52-acre estate is the perfect location for other outdoor activities like equine therapy. You may even want to explore the estate on your own and find some much-needed solace. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.