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How Can I Create My Own Daily Spiritual Practice for Lasting Recovery?

Recovery is not a surface-level process. There are often deep soul wounds involved in overcoming addiction, trauma, and mental health disorders. Your own spiritual practice allows you to connect with your mind, body, and soul. It can help you re-discover joy as you also learn how to release past grief, trauma, and even guilt.

Holistic Treatment

Getting to the root of your condition may require a more holistic approach than traditional therapy and clinical methods can do on their own. According to the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, holistic treatment for recovery can provide individuals with “an opportunity for patients to express thoughts and feelings” that goes beyond traditional modalities of treatment. Spiritual growth and development can help you “develop a stronger sense of self-identity, self-esteem and self-confidence.”

Create Your Own Daily Spiritual Practice Space

The beauty of daily spiritual practice is that it is uniquely your own. You can find the best methods for you and incorporate them into your day.

To start, you may want to set aside a specific time each day to devote to yourself and your practice. You can create a sacred space in a comfortable area of your home. Additionally, you may bring special items to your space, like crystals, sentimental jewelry, and photos of loved ones.

Methods and Activities for a Spiritual Practice

There are many different methods you can incorporate into your spiritual practice. You may want to choose a few to start out with and see what works best for you. Intuitively, you can choose the methods that you feel personally drawn to. Remember that your practice is all about you, and there is no right or wrong way to go about it.

Journaling and Meditation

In your spiritual practice, journaling can help you re-discover yourself as you learn to process trauma, emotions, limiting stories, and beliefs. Meditation is another excellent tool that will allow you to focus your mind on the present moment and release negative thoughts without judgment. According to Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, mindfulness-based practices, like meditation, can liberate individuals from underlying causes of addiction. Meditation can also be highly effective in overcoming anxiety, trauma, and other mental health disorders.

Other Spiritual Methods

Aside from journaling and meditation, there are many other spiritual methods that you may want to incorporate into your practice. Some methods can include:

  • Breathwork
  • Yoga and body movement
  • Sound healing
  • Forgiveness and release work
  • Reiki

Spiritual Practice at The Guest House

At The Guest House, we aim to treat the underlying causes of your condition. Through spiritual practices, our Spirit2Spirit Program, and other holistic methods, you will be able to fully heal “stuck” trauma, emotional difficulties, and external stresses. We incorporate a large variety of methods into our treatment program, including yoga, meditation, breathwork, body movement, and more. There truly is something for everyone at The Guest House.

A spiritual practice can help you re-discover yourself as you find lasting joy, fulfillment, and sobriety. At The Guest House, we understand that there are underlying causes of many conditions. We utilize spiritual practices in our holistic healing approach. Through our exclusive Spirit2Spirit program, and other spiritual healing modalities, you will be able to uncover the source of your soul wounds to heal your mind, body, and soul in a complete way. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.