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How Can I Enjoy Spring While in Recovery?

The spring season is just around the corner, bringing warm weather and happier moods. Just because you’re in recovery doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this time of year. Enjoy the springtime and all the joy that comes along with it!

Triggers and Temptations

If you’re in recovery, you might feel uneasy at the thought of spring celebrations, like family gatherings or barbecues, where substances are present. St. Patrick’s Day, specifically, is one of the first holidays of the spring season, and alcohol plays a major role.

It’s completely natural to be concerned about triggers or temptations. According to the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), triggers can be unique to each individual. In order to avoid being triggered, it’s important to explore your personal feelings or risk factors first.

Healthy Boundaries

In order to protect your sobriety while still enjoying the spring season, healthy boundaries need to be enforced. First, set the stage with an open and honest conversation. You should tell your family and loved ones about your situation and let them know your expectations. You should also feel confident in saying “No” when needed. If substances are present, you can choose to spend your time elsewhere.

Spring Gatherings

The minute the weather gets warmer, a ton of activities will start to pop up. You may want to attend a concert in the park, a ball game, or even a parade. If you’re in recovery, you can research the goings-on in your area. You can also find out if your recovery program is holding something of its own.

Sober Spring Activities

Instead of the usual family gatherings or St. Patty’s Day parade, you may want to enjoy the weather in a completely different way. Some fun, sober spring activities can include:

  • Bike riding
  • Walking or jogging
  • Having a picnic
  • Yoga in the park
  • Gardening

Always remember that you and your recovery come first. Making the conscious choice to participate in sober activities will help you build confidence and strengthen your recovery mindset.

A Strong Support System

According to Substance Abuse, the “antidote” to substance use disorder (SUD) isn’t just sobriety but also involves “positive and caring connections with others.” A strong support system can keep you accountable to your goals and weaken the bonds of SUD.

As the weather gets warmer, it’s more important than ever to have a strong support system around you. Your loved ones, along with peers and staff in your recovery program, can help you enjoy the spring season more than ever before.

The spring season brings about beautiful weather and fun festivities. If you’re in recovery, however, you may feel uneasy about attending celebrations, especially if substances are present. At The Guest House, you can find comfort in having a strong support system around you to keep you accountable to your goals. Our group therapy program will help you feel a lot less alone, knowing there are others experiencing similar struggles. For more information, give us a call today at (855) 483-7800.