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Depression can be serious when it is left untreated. You may have a difficult time getting out of bed each day. You might be feeling a lack of interest in daily activities. You may feel like you are empty inside and things are starting to feel pointless. Depression can affect people from all walks of life. Depression is not a sign of a character defect; it is a biological issue rooted within your brain. You can try some of these strategies to help yourself with depression right now. However, while these things can help your mood at the moment, you may want to consider further treatment to help get to the root of your depression.

Get Active:

  • Getting some light exercise, like taking a walk around the block, doing household chores, or stretching can help you feel better.
  • Depression affects the body and may make you feel weak. You can get some of this strength back through exercise and movement.

Follow a Routine:

  • When you are feeling depressed, keeping a schedule can be tough. Hours can pass while you are still in bed.
  • Keep a to-do list each day, no matter how long or short. Depending upon your symptoms, you can lower your expectations to a few things each day.
  • Keep it simple, like making a list of hygiene activities and plan for some type of daily exercise.

Reach Out for Support:

  • Talking to a friend or family member may help you when you are feeling depressed. You may struggle with making a call or sending a text. Depression can make us feel like a burden to our loved ones. Remember that your loved ones care for you and you are not burdening them with a call!
  • If you are depressed and worried that your symptoms are getting worse, reach out for help, and get into treatment.

Depression can affect anyone. You may feel different or feel sadder and sadder with each passing day. You may struggle to get out of bed or find the motivation to do daily activities. Depression can be fairly common, especially as the days get shorter in the fall and winter. If you are struggling with depression, you can try a few things to help yourself get into a more positive mindset. Some simple tasks can help get the ball rolling for you. You may want to try getting some exercise and movement, put together to-do lists each day that are not overwhelming, and reach out to friends. Your friends and family care about you and want to help you feel at your best. If your depression is getting worse, or you are using an addictive behavior to cope, you may need professional treatment. The Guest House is here to help you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800. You do not have to suffer alone.