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How Can We Stay Open to Solving Problems?

Our road to recovery is full of all kinds of problems, both foreseeable and unexpected challenges that cause us difficulty, throw a wrench in our life’s plans and make things more stressful for us. Usually our problems make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, worried and stressed out. We panic about our problems, dwell on them and obsess about them. We react to them in many of the same ways we react to most things we perceive to be negative – we have resistance to them, we fear them, and we avoid them. When we have a resistant, negative, avoidant energy towards our problems, we usually close ourselves off to being able to find solutions to them. In order to solve our problems, we have to be open to receiving the solutions. How can we maintain an open, problem-solving energy?

Always a Solution

One important thing to remember is that all problems have a solution, and very often the solution is somehow intertwined and interconnected to the problem itself. When we assume that there is a solution for us to find, we’ll be able to find it. We’ll be energetically aligning ourselves with the solution. When we assume the problem isn’t solvable, when we give up, when we have an energy of feeling defeated, we’re aligning ourselves with the problem and exacerbating it energetically. We want to affirm to ourselves that the problem is solvable, and that we can attract the solution if we’re open to it.

Most Problems Can Wait

Another important thing to keep in mind is that most problems don’t need to be solved overnight, or even right that minute. Unless it’s an urgent problem or crisis, most problems can wait a while before being solved. They’re not going anywhere, so there’s nothing wrong with giving ourselves a little breathing room, space to let ourselves calm down and allow the answers to come to us. The calmer and more at peace we are within ourselves, the more likely we are to find the solutions we’re looking for.

It can help us to remember that having problems is an unavoidable part of life. We will encounter huge, life-changing problems along the way that will shake us to the core and bring about major life transformations. This is a scary but necessary part of our evolution. We’re strong enough to handle anything that comes our way. We want to remember that problems are inevitable, and we can practice expecting and anticipating them, accepting that they’re coming. We can practice moving through them as gracefully as we can, and with as much calm, peace and ease as we can. We get better at it the more we work on aligning and balancing our energy, with things like meditation, yoga, exercise, tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), and other forms of energy healing.

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