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How Do I Socially Reintegrate After Inpatient Treatment?

For many, inpatient treatment feels like a place removed from the outside world. You might feel safe inside the facility. Unfortunately, you exist in a treatment bubble that will eventually have to pop. Thinking about leaving that space for the outside world can feel nerve-wracking. Social reintegration can seem even more impossible. In this blog, we’ll discuss the options for easier reintegration.

Easing Out of Inpatient Treatment

One of the best methods for social reintegration involves decreasing the intensity of care slowly. Rather than going straight from inpatient treatment to aftercare, you can enter a day/night program. Then, after some time, you can decrease to a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP). Finally, you end up in outpatient aftercare.

By taking this path, you allow yourself to have more outside exposure while maintaining a strong support system in your treatment program. You can practice your coping skills in the world, receiving help as you find your footing. You’ll also have a medical team to lean on as you work to reconnect with loved ones. Through the slow process, you’ll feel prepared by the time aftercare comes around.

Opening Up Lines of Communication

Addiction is a family disease, and mental health disorders impact everyone in a social system. It can feel scary to reach out to your loved ones knowing how your illnesses have harmed them. You should try to remember that you’re taking steps to remedy the issues. You’ve likely already made progress between entering treatment and now.

With that in mind, you should reopen the lines of communication as you reintegrate back into society. You can invite your loved ones through text, direct message, or email to have a conversation with you. Make sure you convey any boundaries about what you’re willing to discuss. Be prepared to answer the hard questions and apologize for past wrongdoings. Some people may not be ready. That’s okay. Others will likely open up to the possibility of socially connecting again.

After completing inpatient treatment, it can feel difficult to reintegrate socially. Two strategies for reintegration include tapering down the level of care and reopening lines of communication. The Guest House makes this process especially easy. Our levels of care offer you multiple intensities of treatment. We also prioritize aftercare, ensuring our clients still receive outpatient support. Individualized care also means you’ll get the type of care you need. We offer individual, group, and holistic therapies to help you on the path to healing. When you’re ready to change, call The Guest House at (855) 483-7800.