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How Do I Tell My Loved Ones I'm LGTBQ+?

Coming out is an important decision. Telling your friends and loved ones can be the first step to living your best life. Unfortunately, telling people can be very difficult, especially if you’re unsure how everyone will react. If you think you might be ready to come out, here’s a guide to help you share your sexuality with others.

What Is the First Step in Coming Out?

Before you decide to tell anyone how you identify, take time to assess and explore your identity. You have to feel comfortable in your feelings. Why? Your family, friends, or community may not accept your identity, and it can help to be confident in it before sharing it with people in your life.

Be aware of the potential pressures and problems you can face. Talk with a therapist or a friend who has come out about your fears or hopes. By taking time to assess and process, you can become confident and strong.

I’m Strong in My Decision; Now What?

The saying “location, location, and location” is valid. You have the right to choose how and when you come out. Because there’s no right or wrong in coming out, think about what will work for you.

Here are some things to consider before and during your coming out conversations:

  • How do you want to tell your loved ones? Gathering everyone together or speaking with people individually is a decision that may depend on your comfort level. Consider what you believe will give you the most freedom to celebrate and discuss your identity.
  • Choose the place. You know your comfort level. If your choice is to let your friends or family know individually, choose a place or activity you enjoy. For example, if you like to hike, consider going on a hike to tell people.
  • Don’t rush the conversation. Don’t pick a time or space where you can’t have an open and honest dialogue. Your loved ones may want to ask questions or need to focus on what you’re saying.
  • Let them process. Sometimes people need time to think about what you told them. Let them process your news in their way. They may need a considerable amount of time, or they may need none at all. Watch their reaction and give them space.

What if the Response Is Negative?

Unfortunately, you may have negative reactions to your announcement. Be firm in your sexuality and let them know your identity is who you are even if they disapprove.

However, you may need to give them a chance to think about how they feel. Maybe they need to talk with a therapist or a group about their feelings. Sometimes friends or family are frightened by things that they don’t understand. There are people hostile toward the LGTBQ+ community. Allow them space to express their fears.

Despite the growing acceptance and inclusion of the LGTBQ+ community, some will not accept your sexuality. It’s okay to decide to discontinue the relationship. Your mental health is crucial, and you may need to let go of toxic relationships.

Telling people your sexuality can be so many things. You may feel liberated, fearful, or relieved once the news is out. Decide how and where you want to tell your friends and family. If you need help coping with rejection or feelings of depression caused by severed relationships, you can talk with a therapist. The Guest House supports your decision to share your authentic self. Find what keeps you connected with your inner self as you immerse yourself in peace. Our estate near Ocala, Florida, is here for you. Call (855) 483-7800.