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Happy family

There are enough distractions throughout the year to test your will power in recovery. However, the holiday season can add stress and anxiety that may jeopardize your recovery even further. Before you succumb to thoughts of false-futures surrounding the holiday season, take a moment to recognize your sobriety and that the greatest joys in your life have come from being sober. Instead of focusing on the reasons the holiday season will derail your sobriety, focus on the ways you can protect your sobriety. 

Plan Ahead

Planning to recognize where problems might occur is a great way to start safeguarding. Ask yourself if being present or planning for specific events will bring you more enjoyment or more stress. Let those in your support group know about your reservations and fears so that you can develop ways to maintain support when situations become difficult. 


It is easy to neglect your needs when you are distracted by holiday obligations. Remember to create a schedule that incorporates time for self-care, including recreational time, consistent sleep schedules, and times to practice breathwork and meditation. 

Choose Who You Celebrate With

Instead of worrying about having an uncomfortable encounter with a family friend or relative, choose the people you want to see this holiday. These should be people that you love and trust and that you feel comfortable around. Remember, you are not obligated to interact with people that will harm your recovery. 

Create New Traditions

Perhaps this year you are stressing because you can’t easily travel to see friends and family. You also may not want to travel due to COVID-19. Instead of worrying about travel and your safety, you can embrace creating new traditions. Have video cook-along sessions, or watch holiday movies via video chat. These alternative ways of communication are fun! 

The holidays can bring about extra stress and anxiety that may jeopardize your recovery. When you are preparing for this holiday season, remember to put your recovery first. Make a point to plan, practice self-care, choose who you celebrate with, and create new traditions. Sobriety is the greatest gift you will get this holiday season. If you are feeling doubt at any point or distancing yourself, this is a sign to seek help. At Guest House, we remain open throughout the holiday season to meet your recovery needs. There is never an excuse not to reach out. Even if you need someone to talk to, Guest House is here for you. To learn more, call Guest House today at (855) 483-7800.