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How Does an Alumni Program Improve Recovery?

Life after addiction treatment comes with its challenges. After the work you do in treatment, you will have to adjust back to everyday life with a personal drive to continue recovery. An alumni program is a wonderful tool that can support and keep you accountable for lifelong success.

Support for Long-Term Recovery

Addiction is considered a chronic condition that’s prone to relapse. According to a 2007 study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, recovery from addiction is a “lifelong dynamic process.” The study sought to research recovery in the long term. Motivational constructs, community resources, and social support were all found to be important factors in maintaining lasting recovery.

Dangers After Treatment

While a lot of deep healing is accomplished during treatment, the real work comes later on. According to Current Psychiatry Reports, several studies have shown relapse rates “as high as 65% to 70% in the 90-day period following treatment.” Strong support networks, structured days, and accountability to goals are more important than ever in the months that follow treatment.

Alumni Programs

One strong method of support is that of alumni programs with recovering peers as support. The 2007 study mentioned that people who have been through similar experiences can provide “hope, coping strategies, and role models, giving strength in trying times.”

Alumni programs can provide a network of peers focused on similar goals. These groups can provide guidance, accountability, and vital support when you need it most.

Alumni Program at The Guest House

The alumni program at The Guest House consists of a vast network of like-minded people who share similar goals. Alumni can lift each other up and encourage personal growth while readjusting to daily life outside of treatment.

Sometimes, you may just need a person to talk to. Other times, you may want to explore a new hobby with sober peers. Alumni groups have a wide variety of benefits, including the establishment of healthy relationships, effective relapse prevention, community activities, and much more.

Alumni Activities and Features

At The Guest House, our dedicated recovery community is a powerful tool to help you maintain long-term sobriety and overall wellness. Our alumni program provides plenty of opportunities for you to connect and engage in different ways. Some options include:

  • Alumni and group meetings
  • Remote recovery sessions online
  • Recovery-oriented activities and planned events
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Sober sponsors and mentors

The alumni community at The Guest House offers you a real continuum of care and support long after treatment is over. You will find confidence in sobriety and maintain healthy relationships for lasting success.

Addiction is a chronic disease that lends itself to relapse if a strong support network isn’t in place. At The Guest House, we understand how support is important well after your treatment is over. Our alumni program brings together like-minded peers who understand each other on a deep level. With a large support network, you begin readjusting to daily life after treatment with healthy relationships, community activities, and much more. The alumni program will help you find lasting recovery. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.