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Eastern medicine and spirituality holds a philosophy of belief that we store our emotions as energy throughout our body. Every single muscle can act as a container, holding our experiences, memories, and feelings. We each have channels of energy that are meant to be free flowing, keeping us in the present movement of life. When our feelings are not properly processed, they get stuck. Trapped in our muscles and our energy channels, our stagnant emotions take a toll on our mental and our physical health.

You might have heard the term “stuffing your feelings”. We talk about feelings as though they are tangible parts of our life. In many ways, they are. Sadness can often produce tears- a physical response. Anger can speed up our heart rate and turn our face red with heat- another physical response. Yet we cannot see our feelings and we cannot really touch our feelings. Completely intangible, we connect with our feelings most when we connect with our minds and our bodies.

Yoga, born out of eastern practice, is a medium for making that connection and allowing us to “touch” our feelings. Bending, stretching, folding, pressing, and activating different parts of our bodies brings to light different feelings stored there. It isn’t uncommon to shed a tear during yoga or even feel a swift burst of anger. Hidden within the body are ancient messages of truths from our lives that we have yet to fully confront and make compassionate peace with. Trauma-informed yoga specifically guides us with a caring tone, avoiding triggering words

By gently and mindfully connecting to the body for the breath, we unify our minds with our emotional experience. Through sanskrit translation, yoga means union. For those recovering from trauma, union is essential. The brain which has experienced trauma often compartmentalized, separating the mind from parts of itself and from the body. Through yoga practice, those in recovery can reconnect themselves to themselves with loving kindness.

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