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Emotional detachment can cause many struggles and problems throughout life. Often people detach themselves from their emotions because the emotion is too powerful and overwhelming. Some people assume that if they push their feelings down deep enough, those feelings will not affect them.

However, this is often not the case. Learning to acknowledge your feelings can take practice, and often the help of a mental health professional can be beneficial. As you work to overcome your emotional detachment, keep the following suggestions in mind.

Practice Mindfulness 

Staying in the moment can be challenging. It takes time and practice to remind yourself to stay present and acknowledge your feelings at the moment they occur. However, as you learn to stay in the moment, you can better understand the patterns and triggers that affect your behaviors and reactions.

Practice Roleplay

Practicing situations ahead of time in a safe environment can help you to learn responses that are healthier for you and your relationships and, ultimately, are more productive. Everyone needs practice to successfully navigate complex situations that occur throughout life. Connect with people with whom you can talk and feel safe. Then practice staying in the moment and responding to your emotions.

Practice Being Vulnerable 

Being vulnerable and open can be difficult. This is one reason why so many people refuse to work with a mental health professional. It can be frightening to think about acknowledging the hurt and discomfort that you try so hard to repress.

Start small, and try being vulnerable with someone you trust and feel comfortable with. With practice, you will find you will become more comfortable with being more vulnerable and open.

Strengthen Your Bonds 

Find comfort in your support system. Roleplay with the people you trust, be open with them and build your vulnerability. As you do this, you will notice your bond with those individuals grow. Having strong bonds with people you trust will bring you comfort on stressful days.

Acknowledging your feelings can be powerful.  When you can acknowledge what you feel, you can learn how to work through those feelings. Admitting your feelings is important because emotional detachment can stifle your growth and have a negative impact on your relationships. Here at The Guest House, we know how hard it can be to change your thought processes,  be open with your feelings, and stay in the moment and acknowledge what you feel as it happens.  Call us today to learn more about our treatment options and how we can support your recovery at (855) 483-7800.