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Is Leaving the Office Early Healthy?

Let’s make play a priority. Take a break from work, grab a friend, or go alone and have fun. Too often, adults forget that life isn’t all about work, obligations, and expectations. It’s time to remind yourself why playing is good for you.

I Can’t Take Time Off From Work, Right?

The opportunity to let go and have fun is everywhere. Unfortunately, most don’t recognize what is there because they’re so busy trying to meet deadlines or expectations. At some point, you need to take time away from your hectic schedule, preferably before physical or mental exhaustion occurs. Taking time off is vital for your well-being. Don’t wait until you feel mentally exhausted.

Whether you need to take paid time off or part of a vacation day, take an afternoon off and play. Find out if your work offers mental health days; if they do, take one. Many companies combine sick days and vacation days, allowing you to take a day off without telling people you’re taking a mental health day.

What Is Play?

The definition of play is hard to pin down. Because play is so many things, the meaning depends on what makes you happy. Think of play not as a thing but as a moving target. Smiling, singing, or daydreaming is fun for some. At the same time, others enjoy walking in the woods, drawing, or meditating.

Play is where you discover your passion, build empathy, or learn a new skill. Your mental state is what matters. Relax and think of playing as an experience, not a goal. Find ways to release yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Play?

Play is a vital part of self-care. Yes, society tends to look down on play for adults, but do it anyway. Too often, people think that taking time away from work or obligations is lazy, selfish, or unproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. People who engage in pleasurable activities can increase their happiness, creativity, and productivity. In addition, when you start doing something you enjoy, you can reduce feelings of stress or burnout.

Whether you’re young or old, you can always learn or enjoy the newness of something. Adults, like kids, are curious. A novel idea or a different way to do something gives you a chance to try or experience something new. As you explore, engage, or contemplate, your mind is free to wander. Many find their creativity increases as their sense of exhaustion decreases.

Activities that require multiple people are chances to build friendships. You may find making or keeping friends challenging. Participating in group activities gives you a sense of community and an opportunity to bond with others.

While considering what you like to do for fun, pay attention. You can find your passion in what relaxes you or brings you joy.

Play is vital to a person’s physical and mental health. Give yourself the freedom to step away from your responsibilities and reconnect with your inner self. Through enjoyable activities, you can discover what brings you joy. You can also increase your creativity while letting go of anxiety. The Guest House believes everyone should take time to let go and play. Holistic therapies like yoga, music, or art help you discover what makes you feel good. In addition, our serene estate in Ocala, Florida is perfect for a nature walk or reflection. For more information, call us at (855) 483-7800.