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It Will Never Be the Same, Nor Should It

Those suffering from a traumatic event in the past are at constant war to reframe their reality around them. Traumas can shape the way they think and perceive certain, otherwise innocuous words and actions, turning them into something dangerous or saddening. While overcoming the trauma, regardless of the coping mechanisms used, it can be challenging to be excited about the future. After all, there is no way that things will ever go back to normal. Well, that’s kind of the point.

The desire to go back to a time before trauma is common and understandable, but pining for that time doesn’t solve a problem or work to process an event. Instead, the core of what someone wants here is a sense of stability. Trauma survivors seek any way to get their footing within their own mind, and thus their lives. This idea of going back only acts as a roadblock to recovery. While remembering the traumatic events can be a healthy way to begin to process them, constantly reliving it does quite the opposite.

However, how one looks at time can also be the very first step in healing. Anxiety comes with knowing that nothing will ever be the same after a trauma. However, this anxiety is often paired with a silver lining – the idea that someone is even thinking about the future at all. Regardless of how scary it may seem, or how hopeless, it is still there. That moment is where healing begins. A trauma survivor who can look back and see everything that has changed is a sign of healing. There is no way to instantly end sadness or grief, but time will always tell where someone is in their healing process. Wanting to go back in time and acknowledging that things will never be the same may seem like similar thoughts on the surface, but they carry vastly different connotations for those looking to overcome their traumas and are undefined by them.

Overcoming traumatic events is a challenging prospect, and learning coping techniques is a crucial step in the recovery process. It is very important to safely experience these emotions for what they are, and denial to do so can open the gates towards a disastrous, self-destructive path. If you or a loved one is experiencing the difficulties that trauma brings, contact The Guest House today. Specializing in trauma care and addiction treatment, The Guest House creates a safe, recovery-based environment for any stage of the healing process. Call today at 1-855-483-7800.