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Can I Still Find Recovery Meetings When I Am Out of Town

Being sober means that your recovery has to take priority, or your addiction could creep back up when you least expect it. When you go out of town, there could be a fear that breaking out of your routine might shake up what you are doing to stay sober, especially with your daily meetings. The good news is that there are recovery meetings everywhere, and you can take your recovery on the go.

Plan Your Meetings

Chances are that you will show up for meetings if you plan them into your recovery schedule. With meetings still being touch-and-go due to the pandemic, you may have to research how meetings are conducted depending on where you are traveling. You can plan for meetings in-person when applicable and get your online meeting links organized as part of your travel plans. This way, you cannot talk yourself out of attending meetings before you ever get to your destination.

Pack your recovery

As you pack your clothes and toiletries, do not forget to bring your recovery essentials. This includes a phone list, any literature you read daily, or anything that enhances your recovery at home. Most of your stuff may be digital at this point, which means you may need to download anything that might use Wi-Fi. The point is to make sure you are covered, even if you experience a weak moment in an airport or a hotel where you may feel all alone. Having your recovery onboard could save you from picking up a drink or drug, no matter what.

Travel with your Higher Power

When you do feel like you are solo on your trip, remember that you can make your Higher Power your travel companion. Your spirituality can follow you, no matter how far you travel. Wherever you go, there you are, and you can make things a lot easier through reliance on your Higher Power. With travel anxiety and unpredictable circumstances, you will enjoy your trip more by using mindfulness and other spiritual practices. Practicing faith anywhere you go could be your saving grace to feel safe and sound.

You need to know that you can go anywhere and do anything, within reason, and still stay sober in the process. Traveling, just like recovery, requires strategic planning to make sure that you get through what you need to come out stronger on the other side. Careful consideration to make recovery a part of travel is imperative. You can accomplish what you planned to on your trip and keep your sobriety intact.

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