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couple-holding-handsWhen we lose a connection and relationship with someone, it can be extremely emotionally challenging. Just like facing death, living with estrangement means learning to live without someone. When that relationship is terminated or broken by the other person, it can cause many emotions. If you are already facing mental health challenges, addiction, or trauma and then face estrangement, it can also feel overwhelming and scary. Here are a few suggestions that you may find helpful as you work through the situation.

Allow Yourself to Grieve Without Ruminating

Rumination is when your thoughts circulate or loop through your mind. You constantly replay conversations or situations in your mind. When we ruminate, we may find ourselves getting stuck at that moment. Work through the situation and grieve the loss of the relationship, but try not to sit and replay your conversations or moments. Remember what you went through, and try to keep moving forward.

Forgive Yourself and Your Estranged Loved One

Forgiveness is a powerful tool. Sometimes we need to accept apologies that we never receive. We need to forgive people even when they have never acknowledged they did anything wrong. Forgiving someone is more for yourself than for them. Forgive yourself for what you have said or done, and forgive them for breaking your connection or relationship. When we forgive, we can acknowledge our feelings and better understand how to move forward and heal.

Accept the Reality of the Relationship

Sometimes when we desperately want to mend a relationship, we try to force that bond back together. We take the blame, do all the changing, and go above and beyond to please that person. Sometimes we need to simply accept that the relationship is no longer what we would like it to be. When we accept the reality of a situation, we can work towards healing and moving forward.

Living in an estranged relationship can be very stressful and emotional. Sometimes we desperately want to fix a relationship when the other person simply does not want to. This loss can cause us to feel a huge mix of emotions. These additional emotions can feel overwhelming and confusing if you already struggle with addiction, mental health issues, or past trauma. Here at The Guest House, we know how frightening all of these feelings can be. We are ready to help you gain the tools and skills needed to work through and understand what you are going through. Call us today to learn more about our treatment options at (855) 483-7800.