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Peers in Treatment

It only takes something as a simple debate, strange look, or a difference of opinion to cause conflict; the same is true in addiction treatment facilities. Some people in treatment will clash because of their different personalities, life experiences, and backgrounds. If you know that you may disagree with someone while in treatment or struggle to get along with someone, you will be better prepared to cope with the situation when and if it occurs.

Substance Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

Anyone can develop substance use disorder (SUD); people struggling with addiction could be wealthy or poor, male or female. They could have different belief systems and have had different life experiences. This means that if you enter a treatment program to overcome a problem with substance abuse, you will be in close quarters with people who may be very different than you.

Different People, Different Backgrounds

When you have a diverse group of people surrounding you with different experiences, emotional responses, and belief systems, you get the chance to meet a wide variety of people and learn about them. If you’re nervous about possible conflict with your peers in treatment, remember that while your backgrounds and life experiences may differ, you share a powerful experience in the struggle with substance abuse and the desire to overcome it.

However, there may be times in treatment when it could be difficult for you to deal with some of the people around you simply because you may disagree with them, or maybe they are just challenging to be around. When this happens, or your personality clashes with others, use the situation as an opportunity to learn to deal respectfully with people you don’t care for. Learning to do this will better prepare you for life after treatment.

Using Your Peers as Resources

While you may not like the person sitting in the corner complaining, have you looked in the mirror and addressed your own issues? Part of the point of treatment is to provide you with a safe and secure place where you can learn to deal with difficult people and situations without turning to drugs or alcohol. What better way than being in an environment with a diverse group of people you don’t know or understand to best prepare you for the unforeseen future?

It will be challenging at times to handle other people while in recovery, but when you learn more about their backgrounds and personal experiences, you may find that they aren’t so bad after all. The ability and willingness to try to understand other people can only benefit you on your recovery journey.

Remember that it’s not your job to fix others; you entered treatment to work on yourself. Your choice to live a healthier lifestyle will have challenges. Your peers in treatment may be challenging to work with, but learning to manage differences without turning to drugs or alcohol will serve you well in your future.

At The Guest House, we believe that learning to cope with conflict will better prepare you to face life after treatment; conflict resolution is an important life skill. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we are here to help. Our 52-acre estate in Central Florida provides a serene respite from the world and an opportunity for healing. We are a trauma-informed center, and our focus is on helping our clients process unresolved trauma that is often at the root of addiction. Call (855) 483-7800 to learn more about our treatment options.