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Behavior cycles exhibited by people with sex addiction often connect to traumatic childhood experiences. This attachment-related trauma can continue to impair your ability to form interpersonal relationships. Such trauma could include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from a parent or caregiver. It may also include neglect, leaving you feeling unworthy of affection, attention, and love. These past experiences may be holding you back from developing healthier relationships. Overcoming your addiction takes understanding your triggers and behaviors. It may be challenging, but under the right care and persistence, you can discover your self-worth and break away from the negative cycles you might find yourself when the addiction is making the decisions.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is often associated with a wide range of addictions, including sexual addiction. Working with a therapist to explore suppressed or traumatic childhood events can bring to light what the underlying cause of your sex addiction might be.

Substance Abuse

Sex addiction and substance abuse develop as a result of a traumatic experience. However, your sex addiction could become a substitute for substance use if you have been in the process of trying to quit drinking or using drugs. Be aware of any developing habits forming if you are or have stopped another coping method. These new addictions can quietly overtake your needs and impulses and harm your recovery.

Compulsive Behaviors

Understanding your compulsive behaviors and impulses is essential in helping you know what is motivating your needs. Knowing why you behave in specific ways can help you refrain from any sexual activity where attaining sexual stimuli is the only motivating factor.

You may have formed a sex addiction due to trauma or even as a means of replacing substance addiction. Sex addiction, on top of childhood trauma or other traumatic relationship experiences, can leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless in your pursuit of recovery. As challenging as overcoming a sex addiction may be, there is help. Understand that therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are very effective in treating addictions where trauma is the underlying cause. At Guest House, our approach is founded on both conventional and alternative practices. Our goal is to treat each seeking help’s needs. It takes persistence, patience, and practice, but we aim to help our patients reach their highest potential, and it begins with healing yourself from within. We believe that everybody can seek lasting and meaningful recovery – the journey starts with seeking help. To learn more, call us today at (855) 483-7800.