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The Benefits of Addiction Treatment in Florida

Many people feel uncomfortable in hospitals or offices because it feels stuffy, sterile, cold, and uninviting. Maybe you felt cooped up in an office without any windows and felt relieved the moment you stepped outside. Moreover, your physical environment can cause changes in mood that can potentially impede recovery. At The Guest House, we believe in the need for a safe and comfortable environment for healing in addiction treatment.

Benefits of Nature for Addiction Treatment

As noted in an article from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, nature is a natural restorative and stress-reducing element in recovery. Thus, the quiet sounds of nature offer boundless opportunities for effortless quietness where stressors of urbanization melt away. As the article states, engaging in activities in a natural environment have a profound capacity to support your needs.

Here, in Silver Springs, we are able to offer a private 52-acre estate where nature and comfort meet. With so much natural beauty and tranquility at your fingertips, there is boundless freedom to explore your interest and needs. Our wide range of therapeutic modalities gives you the space to tailor your addiction treatment to support long-term recovery.

The Restorative Nature of Recreation

At The Guest House, treating the mind, body, and spirit gives us the ability to provide a variety of activities. In the secluded wooded grounds of our estate, you can explore activities like horseback riding and hiking for your well-being. According to another article from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, activities in nature like horseback riding can reduce stress and increase happiness and overall well-being. As higher levels of connectedness in nature increase feelings of calmness and enthusiasm while decreasing feelings like sadness and anger.

Moreover, the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine notes, being physically active can support physical and mental well-being through the mind-body connection. Your physical health impacts your mental and emotional health and vice versa. In addition, outdoor exercises like hiking can increase energy and feelings of revitalization while decreasing tension, anger, and depression. With beautiful weather all year round, you have plenty of time to discover activities that resonate with you.

Healing at The Guest House

At The Guest House, we believe giving you space to build a personalized recovery plan is invaluable to your long-term recovery. Thus, with 52 acres of lush beautiful grounds in Silver Springs, there is plenty of room for creative exploration of support resources that make sense for you. Moreover, with a wide range of therapeutic modalities, you can deepen your self-awareness with mindful practices like yoga and meditation, as well as build a bond of love and companionship with beautiful horses through equine therapy. With support in a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental environment, you can rediscover yourself on your journey to recovery.

When you are constantly surrounded by noise and the fast pace of urbanized living, it can make it difficult to find time to reconnect with yourself. However, nature has natural healing powers to reduce stress and restore your well-being. Moreover, participating in recreational activities while immersed in nature, can increase positive feelings and support your overall wellness with physical activity. At The Guest House, our secluded lush 52-acre wooded estate in Silver Springs provides plenty of space to rediscover yourself with activities like horseback riding and hiking. Call (855) 483-7800 to learn how we can support your long-term recovery.