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Social interest is a term used in Adlerian psychology to describe a person’s connectivity to their society. How is a person connected to the society they live in? Do they participate in events? Do they have an interest in the people around them? Do they feel like an equal to those around them? Alfred Adler began Adlerian psychology, and he stressed the importance of social interest. Adler believed that to live a healthy, happy life, a person needs to have a level of social interest. They need to feel like they belong, and that they are equal to those around them.

Problems with Isolation

So often when we struggle with mental health issues or addiction, we find ourselves very isolated. We may feel embarrassed by what we are going through and not want to be around anyone. We may feel like no one understands us, or no one possibly knows how we feel. As we become more and more isolated, we lose any support system that we once had. Having a support system is a really important aspect of your recovery. 

Therapist and Client As Equals

Adler stressed that the role of the therapist is one of equality–that the therapist and the client are equals. Your therapist is there to help you realize that you have always had the tools and skills necessary to solve your problems. They are there to help you strengthen those skills and fully see how capable you really are. They can also help you work through your isolation and build a healthy level of social interest.

Building Social Interest

 It is important to remember that building your social interest will not come overnight. It takes time to change our thought process, our actions, and our feelings. There is no set time it should take you to work on your social interest. Finding ways to connect with your community is a personal thing. What benefits one person may not benefit another. Finding out what helps you on your journey is the key to success.


Social interest refers to a person’s connection to the society they live in. Adler stressed the importance of social interest and stated that, in his opinion, this is something needed for a person to live a healthy, happy life.  Working on your level of social interest will help you to build friendships and connections, feel a sense of belonging, and learn how to build a strong support system. The Guest House has many therapeutic options, and we would love to speak with you to help determine which option is right for you. Call us today at (855) 483-7800.