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Your past events can dictate how you will feel about yourself in the future. Any unresolved trauma that you experienced in your childhood could be the indicator of how you will think, behave, and feel as you move through life. Depression, addiction, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur to make trauma even more excruciating. 

Depression is a response to trauma that can significantly alter your mood and physical functioning. Addiction causes extreme disruption among the brain’s neurotransmitters that can create brain illness that is exacerbated by trauma. PTSD is generated from outside factors that develop into psychological trauma, which can be considered detrimental to the brain and body. Alleviating these issues can be rather difficult because of the underlying trauma that can provoke mental and physical ailments to occur. With the complexity of how trauma can affect you, your treatment also must be complex and pragmatic for better results. 

Treating the Person

As co-occurring disorders appear, attempting to address the addiction or the mental health issues instead of treating the person as a whole will result in utter failure. The problem is not one-dimensional and your needs and each of your issues should be looked at together to see what therapeutic modality and what kind of support should be utilized to help you recover.

Obtaining Safety Settings

While looking at the treatment method, you should also see where you are lacking in how safe you feel. You will need to be with people that you feel safe around and be in environments that make you feel comfortable. The behaviors you are displaying is also vital to look at because if you are self-harming with risky conduct, you are not doing yourself in any favors. Adopting a therapeutic setting that is conducive to treating your mind, body, and soul for assurance will give you the momentum to stay connected in your recovery.

To chip away at the anguish of trauma takes some time and effort to impart what you need to wholeheartedly treat your trauma on an ongoing basis. You deserve to feel better with the effort of recovery to relieve the pressure that trauma presents. Deciding that you are ready, able, and willing to receive help can give you the ability to move forward in the complexity of trauma by taking a pragmatic approach to your treatment. You will put yourself in a unique position to gain the knowledge and tools that will assist in increasing your peace of mind and contentment in your recovery. 

The Guest House approaches all trauma with the same level of care and works closely with each guest to identify their symptoms and understand the trauma behind them. The treatment we provide can be instrumental with a focus on helping you overcome everything that is ailing you, no matter how deeply rooted you may think it is. We specialize in assisting men and women in processing their trauma in a safe environment to liberate them from their affliction.

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