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The Role of Nutrition in Treatment and Recovery

Choosing what to eat and when to eat changes when you go through treatment for substance abuse. When you are in treatment for addiction, many aspects of your life change, including your likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and environment; your food choices may change, too. When you decided to eliminate substance abuse from your life, you chose a healthier lifestyle. An important part of that is eating nutritious food that supports your physical and mental health.

Why Nutrition Matters

When you go through treatment, nutrition is a vital element of the process. Eating healthier foods promotes a healthier outlook and can improve your mental and physical well-being. Improved nutrition aids you as you begin recovery and influences the way you feel and perceive everything around you.

Nutrition is an essential element of good health. Many people neglect their health when struggling with addiction and may have made poor food choices. Many treatment programs include information about healthy eating. When you incorporate healthy eating into your routine, you may find yourself feeling better overall.

The Changes Are Not Fast

Nutritional changes do not happen overnight; for dietary changes to be lasting, they frequently require small steps. Changing nutritional behaviors is not an overnight process.

As an example, consider carrots. Many people may not consider buying carrots when they are grocery shopping. However, if you try different recipes, you may be surprised by how much you like carrots. Additionally, when you find out the nutritional value of carrots, you may want to add them to your diet, even if carrots are not a priority on your grocery list right now.

Carrots are just an example; some people will like carrots, while others will detest them. The point is that during and after treatment, and as you begin your lifelong journey of recovery, you will want to make food choices that support your health. You may be surprised at how good some foods that are “good for you” can be.

One challenge for people who are working with lower budgets is that unhealthy foods can often cost less. For example, how often do you find entree salads on special at your local fast food place, if salads are even on the menu? However, there are nutritional choices you can make that will fit within a budget. It’s all about the information you gather and making healthier food choices that fit your budget.

Nutrition plays a vital role in your health and if you want to feel your best, avoiding unhealthy food choices is a key to your recovery. At The Guest House, we know that nutritious food is essential to restoring your physical and mental health. When you enter treatment for substance abuse, you are choosing a healthy lifestyle. Part of a healthy lifestyle is making food choices that support your overall health. For more information on the role that nutrition plays in overcoming substance abuse or for information on our treatment options, call us at (855) 483-7800.