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The Value of Cinema Therapy for Recovery

Addiction recovery is a very serious business. Making the decision to actively better one’s life isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Real treatment from professionals is needed to fight off the burden of substance use disorder (SUD). However, recovery doesn’t have to be made up entirely of serious work. Yes, individual therapy is a powerful tool in the fight against substance abuse. Similarly, it is true that participating in group therapy will yield fantastic positive results. Still, there are therapeutic approaches that are a little less rigorous and a little more laid back. One example is cinema therapy.

What Is Cinema Therapy?

Believe it or not, cinema therapy is exactly what it sounds like. Cinema therapy consists of watching movies – chosen by a therapist – that can help individuals interact with their emotions and experiences through the lens of other characters.

Experiencing a common theme and plot in a movie can provide a central topic through which to discuss thoughts and emotions. Additionally, such movies can have a wide range of themes. The most important aspect of the film choice is that it is somehow relatable to what a client might have experienced or is currently experiencing.

The Benefits of Cinema Therapy

Treatment settings can be overwhelming. People might find it difficult to open up about their struggles and the stories behind them. Finding additional means for people to communicate is essential to the entire process of therapy. Cinema therapy creates that avenue.

Encourages Vulnerability

Cinema therapy encourages people to talk about their feelings and experiences in a mental health setting by allowing them to express themselves through a story they can relate to but is still different than their own. Having a character to reference and a story to talk about makes acknowledging struggles easier. From there, personal experiences that are similar to those represented in the film can be brought into focus and discussed further.

Explores Positive Emotions

Aside from the professional treatment experience cinema therapy helps create, there are benefits to watching films in general. Films can be relaxing and uplifting, two feelings that are often needed in recovery. In addition, films can be funny. Laughter has been proven to have a positive influence on people recovering from poor mental health. Further, cinema therapy can alleviate stress and anxiety and even makes us feel better physically.

While treatment is something that is serious enough to save our lives, it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Cinema therapy may be relatively new to the scene, but its reach is expanding. When it comes to our mental health, no stone should go unturned. Treatment should offer as many tools as possible to aid individuals in the fight for their lives. An invaluable recovery strategy can simply be watching a film.

People often don’t know what to expect when they seek treatment and therapy. Often, they shy away from the prospect of opening up to a professional about their struggle with substance abuse. Fortunately, therapeutic techniques have come a long way. The Guest House employs numerous therapeutic modalities, such as cinema therapy, to ease the stress of starting a life of recovery. If you struggle with substance abuse, then getting help has never been easier. Call (855) 483-7800 today for more information.