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Therapeutic Techniques to Cope With Recovery Obstacles

Choosing recovery from substance abuse is the best decision you could ever make for yourself. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing after making the decision. Like all worthwhile practices in life, the road of recovery is riddled with obstacles.

While these challenges may be discouraging in the beginning, it is essential to remember that there are therapeutic techniques out there that can make even the toughest difficulties seem manageable. Below are just a few of the many therapeutic modalities that can significantly impact your sobriety.

Individual Therapy

There is an expression often used in rehabilitation circles: “My best thinking got me here.” When it comes to substance abuse, our minds can mislead us. Our brain can flat-out lie to us every single day about what is best for us. When it comes to regaining our independence from drugs, alcohol, and behavioral addictions, an outside source of wisdom and guidance can be our greatest ally.

A trained mental health professional can provide guidance and insight into our daily struggles. Individual therapy can provide us with tools like mental clarity exercises, breathing techniques, and an objective perspective. Although family and friends can sometimes be a source of inspiration, a professional therapist who has trained to help counter the obstacles you’re facing can be a tremendous resource.

Community Support

Fighting addiction isn’t something you have to do alone. It is highly advisable that you don’t. A sober life doesn’t guarantee a life without challenges. However, the love and support of a community whose members are all striving for the same goal can help give you the strength you need during those difficult times.

A variety of groups are dedicated to maintaining a happy, healthy life free from addiction. Sometimes they can take the form of group therapy, conducted in the presence of a trained mental health professional. They can also take the form of a local 12-Step program that uses a combined positive approach and a wide variety of life experiences to inspire you and provide guidance when you need it.

Music and Art Therapy

Believe it or not, music and art possess far greater benefits than merely pleasing the senses. Studies have shown that music and art both have a powerful impact on easing the anxieties of daily life. Not only that, they can aid in maintaining focus and a positive attitude on the path of recovery.

Substance abuse and behavioral addictions come at a tremendous, potentially deadly cost. The choice to take your life back is an easy one. It’s the best decision you can make. However, that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The few coping mechanisms listed above are only a small sample of all the options to help you continue the fight for your recovery. There is a world out there that is dedicated to your success — explore it today.

Life throws obstacles in our path on a daily basis. Taking control of our lives in the face of addiction doesn’t safeguard us from the many challenges everyone faces regularly. Often the struggles in life are what cause us to seek substances or behavioral addictions to ease our worries. Unfortunately, those only make matters worse. If you struggle with substance abuse or any other addiction and want to learn more about how to take your life back, call (855) 483-7800 today.