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Trauma may be difficult to deal with as we may feel that our pain goes unacknowledged or unwitnessed. We may feel a lack of validation of our pain as others in our lives may not fully understand what we have gone through. A lack of acknowledgment can be painful in and of itself. We may feel misunderstood when we are at our worst, as if others do not believe what we have experienced. Many traumatic events that people suffer go unwitnessed. We may have been abused as children when no one else was around. We may have witnessed a shocking event or near-death experience when we were all alone. When those closest to us have a difficult time understanding our past and our pain, we may need to reach out for help in treatment to gain a better understanding of ourselves.

Trauma can be seen as a “life injury.” Things may have been going great for us in life and then a traumatic event happened, which damaged our psyche and possibly our bodies. Following this event, we no longer feel like ourselves. We may feel like we are always on high-alert. We may be in a constant state of worry. When we suddenly change in personality following a traumatic event, the people closest to us may struggle with the change in us. They may have a hard time adjusting to us in our fractured states. They may have the best intentions to help us, yet they may be unequipped or unsure of what they can do. Seeking treatment to heal from our past trauma may be the best approach to healing from our “life injuries.” Speaking with professionals who have studied trauma can help us feel acknowledged in our pain. Once we feel validated in our suffering, we can begin the healing process.


The Guest House offers support and help from professionals who understand that trauma can have a profound effect on those suffering. We realize that those closest to you may have a difficult time understanding what you have been through. You may feel unacknowledged and are looking for validation for your pain and your experience. The Guest House can help you deal with your trauma so that you can reconnect with others. We offer concierge-style treatment to suit the needs of the individual in our care. We are here to help. You are not alone. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to begin healing from your trauma today!