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What Do I Do if Someone Does Not Respect My Boundaries?

Having strong boundaries in place is essential for your recovery and well-being. Most of the people in your life will respect your boundaries. Those that love you will want you to succeed in your recovery and be mentally and physically healthy. However, you may come across certain people who do not always respect the boundaries you have in place. Knowing how to handle those situations and relationships is essential. Here are a few tips for managing people who don’t respect your boundaries.

Explain Your Boundaries

Take the time to fully and clearly explain the boundaries you have established. Be very direct as you talk with people in your life about those boundaries. Sometimes people who have not experienced anything like addiction may genuinely not understand the need to establish boundaries and the importance and reasoning behind them. Those people will need you to explain why boundaries are essential to your recovery.

Talk About Your Recovery Journey

Talk about your recovery and your journey if you feel comfortable discussing it. At the same time, never feel as if you are obligated to explain your recovery journey to anyone if you don’t feel emotionally safe doing so. However, if you are comfortable explaining everything you have gone through to the people in your life, it may help them understand why you are so strict with your boundaries.

Focus On Your Mental Health

Take the time to focus on your mental health and your overall well-being. If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries and affects your mental health, it may be wise to distance yourself from that person. This may be something that you want to discuss with a mental health provider if you are working with one. Knowing when to ask for help is crucial as you work on your mental health.

Know When a Relationship Becomes Unhealthy

Not every relationship is healthy. Understanding what is healthy and what is unhealthy is essential as you continue through therapy and work on improving your mental health. If someone doesn’t respect your boundaries, that is a good sign that the relationship is not healthy for you. Work with your therapist to better understand which relationships are healthy and which are unhealthy for where you are on your recovery journey.

Having strong boundaries in place can help you stay on track with your recovery. Most of the people in your life will respect your boundaries. However, you may come across others who don’t respect your boundaries. Try to explain your boundaries and why you have set them. You may want to talk about your recovery and what your goals are. Here at The Guest House, we will help you create and enforce firm boundaries that help keep you safe. Call us today at (855) 483-7800 to learn more about how we can support you.