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comfort zoneOur comfort zone is a beautiful thing. We’re able to master specific tasks and complete them with precision and ease. What isn’t so great about our comfort zone is that we don’t feel the need to try anything new. We become uncomfortable because we often get complacent in our comfort zone. The Guest House is here to change that. Read on to find out what stepping out of your comfort zone looks like.


Change? No Way, That’s Terrifying!

Change, from a distance, can be terrifying. This is why we stay in jobs we don’t particularly like. We know it isn’t great for us, but we’re scared of branching out to try something new. Unfortunately, this mindset holds us back, and we ultimately miss out on a lot of things. Change, however, doesn’t always have to be terrifying! If we look closely, we can break down the big transition into smaller and more manageable steps. We can begin to be excited about setting goals and tackling a doable task. If you’re used to keeping everything the same, try to set a small goal for yourself that pushes you out of your comfort zone just a bit. It’s worth it. We promise!


Toeing the Comfort Zone Line

Once you’ve set a goal for yourself, you’re going to be able to draw the line that is your comfort zone. Let’s say you set a goal of exercising. Don’t expect yourself to go for a run every day this week. That is probably way outside of your comfort zone. Instead, take a little step over the comfort zone line by going for a walk around your neighborhood or doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds. These exercises are probably just slightly outside your comfort zone. As such, they might be uncomfortable at first. Once you complete them, your comfort zone line will extend a bit, and you can push yourself a bit further next time. You’ve got this!


Celebrate Your Milestones

If you’ve taken a step outside of your comfort zone today, this is cause to celebrate! Doing something worth recognition may be scary at first because it’s outside of your comfort zone. You’ve done it, though. You’ve extended your comfort zone. So, celebrate your milestones and then set another goal. You’re doing great!


The Guest House is here to help you step out of your comfort zone and into the recovery space. Call us today at 855-483-7800. We can’t wait to hear from you today. Call now. You won’t be disappointed!