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self-care and self-loveA considerable part of recovery is self-care and self-love. Without practicing acts of self-care, you won’t be able to cultivate self-love. To master your mindset, you must be focused on both these practices. Keep in mind that it takes time to get good at self-care and self-love. We don’t expect that we will have the fittest body after one workout, so don’t expect that you will have boundless self-love after one self-care activity. It’s a process that you must work at each and every day. 


First: Self-Awareness

It can be uncomfortable to go into your mind and figure out past traumas because it can get emotional and even messy at times. You may begin to remember things you have buried deep into your unconscious, so be gentle with yourself. Don’t rush through the uncomfortable stuff. Instead, learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Remind yourself that being self-aware is an ever-lasting journey. It’s going to take practice, so stick with it and get your hands dirty. It’s worth it! 


Next: Self-Care

People often talk about self-care, but they don’t honestly know what it looks like. They throw around the word self-care when they spend too much money on an unnecessary purchase or overeat dessert. This isn’t self-care, though. Self-care means that you are taking the time to practice things that will better yourself throughout your recovery. Self-care can be making a routine of journaling in the morning while nurturing yourself with good food to start the day off right. Self-care can be turning off your phone on the weekend so you can be present and practice mindfulness without interruptions. It looks different for everyone, so make it your own!


Last: Self-Love

Self-love can be daunting. We often hear others complain about themselves and wish that they could change certain things about themselves. Further, we see wealthy people actually make changes to themselves with the hopes that they will love themselves more. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Here’s the thing: you must love yourself for who you are inside. If you don’t like who you are at your core, no amount of exercise or plastic surgery will make you happy with yourself. Be proud of who you are because no one is like you. You are you!


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