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What Is One Thing I Can Do to Overcome My Own Self-Defeating Behaviors?One easy way to overcome self-defeating behaviors is to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk. The voice we have inside our head can be our worst enemy and our best friend. When we are going through tough times, this voice in our head can become increasingly negative and self-defeating. When we are recovering from past traumatic experiences or addictions, these voices of self-doubt may be the voice of others.

When we hear these voices, we begin to believe that we cannot escape these beliefs. We might even internalize these negative beliefs and adopt them as our own! Then, our self-talk begins to say negative things that others have said about us, like “I’m no good,” or “I never do anything right!”

You have the power to change your inner monologue from a self-defeating voice to an empowering and useful monologue! Start by changing the language of your negative thoughts. Catch those thoughts in their tracks as they race across your mind! When you hear the voice saying, “I can’t,” turn the wording into “I can!” Change “I’m no good” to “I’m good,” or, even better to “I’m great!” Change the tone of voice inside your head to a powerful and confident tone telling you positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself!

When something seems too hard to accomplish, as you think, “This is too hard for me–I quit!” change the language to “This is a challenge and I can positively do this!” Remind yourself that you are a strong person, who can overcome challenges! Practice by writing out some of your negative beliefs and self-doubts and rewriting them into powerful, positive affirmations! Recite these new beliefs to yourself and replace negative thoughts with your new beliefs. Start to talk to yourself as if you were giving advice to another going through similar struggles. Once you start replacing negative thoughts with positive and empowering thoughts, you are on your way to overcoming self-doubt and other self-defeating behaviors!

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