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What is Self-Actualization?

For many of us struggling with addiction and mental illness, pushing ourselves to go after our goals and pursue our dreams is something we really struggle with. We don’t feel inspired or hopeful. We don’t feel connected to our purpose. We lack energy and motivation. Many of us feel as though we’ve given up on ourselves. Self-actualization is the process of realizing our full potential, fulfilling our destinies, and manifesting the lives we want for ourselves. We often think we simply aren’t strong enough, brave enough or powerful enough to transcend the limitations of our illnesses and push through our fears. The truth is, though, we are. We just have to change the limiting beliefs we hold around our potential and our abilities. We have to prove to ourselves just how strong we actually are.

Our addictions and mental health issues can overtake our lives and cause us to forget what it is we love about ourselves, what we value and appreciate about ourselves, what we love about life. We forget that we possess incredible gifts, talents and strengths that we can use to uplift ourselves and others, that we can use to be of service to people, that we can give as our kind of offering to the world. We start to think of ourselves as worthless and undeserving. We think we don’t have anything to offer. We don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied in our lives, and we develop feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. When we’re in this place, self-actualization can feel nearly impossible. It’s hard enough just to get out of bed and make it through the day. As we’re working to recover, though, there are some ways we can improve our skills of self-actualization.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to start mentally, emotionally and verbally motivating and encouraging ourselves more. When we speak down to ourselves, when we belittle and judge ourselves, and when we don’t believe in ourselves, we’re chipping away at our faith in ourselves, our ability to make things happen for ourselves, and the energy we need to self-actualize. Let’s start speaking to ourselves differently. “I see your potential. I know how great you are. You are destined for incredible things. Your future is full of potential, promise and possibility. I believe in myself. I love myself. I have faith in myself. I am making my dreams come true. I am realizing my full potential and fulfilling my destiny. I am a powerful manifester.”

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