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Finding Comfort in Solidarity

Our struggles with addiction can cause us to feel quite alone, isolated and lonely, and our tendencies to retreat inwards, distance and separate ourselves from people and also isolate ourselves even more only compound the problem. We often don’t feel as though we know where to turn for comfort and solace. We feel lost, sad and empty. Many of us are afraid to be alone, and are therefore filled with fear when we’re in this place of loneliness and isolation. As we do the work to recover, we start to form connections with other people also in recovery. We take comfort in the solidarity we find with others.

The new friendships and bonds we form when in recovery give us the sense of support that many of us have been missing, and needing, for many years. Connecting with other people in recovery reminds us that we’re not actually alone. We’re surrounded by other people’s stories, stories that mirror and echo our own and that resonate with us. We feel comforted, strengthened and empowered by other people’s stories of overcoming obstacles similar to our own, of tackling challenges we’re familiar with. We are inspired by their ability to find redemption and fulfillment in recovery, and we’re motivated by the examples they’ve set for us. We are encouraged and uplifted by other people who want us to be successful, who want to share their learning experiences and wisdom with us. We learn from one another, and we help guide each other. We give each other the empathy and understanding we long for. We help each other stay accountable, not only to our goals but also to one another, giving us extra motivation to stay on track.

When we feel alone, we’re much more likely to fall into depression, which can make it that much harder to work to recover from our addictions. The sadness we feel, how incomplete and empty we feel when we’re struggling with addiction, can actually impede our chances of getting well. The reassurance and comfort we find in the bonds we form actively help us to feel better. We start to believe in our ability to heal ourselves. We have more faith in ourselves. We start to feel more optimistic and enthusiastic about the future. Something as simple as making new friends in recovery can actually be a powerful form of connecting in solidarity, something many of us are missing in our lives. We give ourselves a tremendous gift in our recovery when we’re able to find this solidarity in others.

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