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What Is the Vision for Recovery?

The stereotype of addiction may have given you the ability to keep going longer with your substance use than you needed to. Often people have the vision of a homeless person on the street or an insane person exhibiting violent acts. A “functioning” addiction is easily overlooked because when you do not fit the mold, you can hide and cover up the significant signs of your substance abuse much easier.

There will come a day, however, when your addiction will become too challenging to handle. Whether withdrawal is the issue or your legal and relational consequences have gotten too high, as you get into enough pain, something will have to change, or you could die.

The fear that most people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction have is what being sober will really be like. The vision of recovery is often mistaken for a bleak and boring existence. What the vision of recovery really entails is one of courage and hope.

What You Can Expect When You Are Recovering

You may feel stifled without consuming drugs and alcohol any longer, but you can navigate through the uncertainty of recovery with the support that is being offered to you. 12-Step programs and therapy are a way you can learn about the obsession of the mind and the allergy of the body that keeps you going back to drinking and using. Knowledge is power, and support is vital. With both of these, you are more apt to recover because doing it on your own is not statistically likely.

What You Can Envision When You Are Recovering

Imagine welcoming people who are also working to maintain their sobriety. You will find encouragement, guidance, love, and fun friends to hang out with. Although you may think your life is over without drugs and alcohol, the truth is that your life is just beginning.

Through working a recovery program, the possibilities are endless. Your open-mindedness will serve your sobriety and allow you to learn how to have fun without mind-altering substances being part of the equation. You may not completely understand what recovery is all about just yet, but be patient.

Taking recovery one day at a time will assist you in forming your vision of recovery to one that is specific for you. Sobriety can provide you with newfound freedom and joy to give you a life beyond your wildest dreams.

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