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What Lies Am I Telling Myself About My Addiction?

Excuses are very likely to keep someone in denial and then keep them from getting sober. Without seeing the truth in the situation, a person will believe the lies that their addiction is telling them because eventually, they cannot differentiate the truth from the false. Lies become their reality unless they can see right through their addiction by pinpointing the deceptions that are holding them back and finally break free from them.

I Am Only Hurting Myself

One of the biggest misconceptions of addiction is that people believe that they are not affecting anyone but themselves. The truth of the matter is that the person with an addition causes chaos to everyone they come into contact with, whether they realize it or not.

Everyone Drinks and Uses Drugs

Yes, many people drink and use drugs, but the defining characteristic of addiction is whether a person can stop or not. Someone who is addicted to drugs and alcohol will binge, blackout, or pass out without any regard for what they are doing. They will exhibit dangerous behaviors that can cause great consequences and still not see the error of their ways.

I Can Stop Whenever I Want

A person with an addiction will defend their drug and alcohol use until the bitter end. Instead of getting sober, they will keep going until they hit bottom or, worse, die under the influence. Someone suffering from addiction must conclude that they are powerless over alcohol and that their life has become unmanageable. Until they admit this, they will be in denial that they even have a problem.

I Do Not Have Time to Go to Treatment

Keeping up with a drug and alcohol addiction is a full-time job. Many genuinely believe that their life is so busy that they have no time to stop what they are doing to get the help they need. Although this may seem ludicrous to loved ones, a person trying to avoid withdrawal will convince themselves they have better things to do than rehab.

All of these lies will prevent a person from getting the guidance needed to get sober. Sorting out these untruths to replace with rigorous honesty will not only help someone in their recovery but also in building healthy relationships with others. Learning to live a life full of integrity and value will become the norm that will assist you in becoming the best version of yourself.

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