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How to Work the 12-Steps for the First Time in Recovery 

When people in recovery first step out of rehab, it can be intimidating. Through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or various 12-step programs, they can find community and a place to set a foundation for recovery. The 12 steps offer opportunities to look at why addiction happens and how it unfolds. Addiction takes people away from family, friends, and responsibilities. Find out more about recovery and how to navigate the journey of healing from addiction to the 12-step process.

Work with Someone

Many people who join a 12-step program find a sponsor. They also use therapists as a resource while they are starting the journey of recovery. It is a good idea to work with someone who knows the process, has worked the steps, and continues to do this every day. They will bring knowledge and insight to others who are new to the journey. 

Read and Learn the Steps

One of the hardest things to do in recovery is to read the steps. It means learning what they are about and how they apply to a person’s journey in recovery. Each journey is an individual step but every person needs to read and learn the 12-steps for themselves. They are at their own pace when they go through it. Watching their own journey is hard but necessary, rather than follow someone else’s path. 

Making Amends

The 9th step, focused on making amends and apologizing, is one of the hardest. That is why it comes later in the journey. Some people hold off on this step until they are ready. It is not a ladder to climb quickly up to the 12th step. Some may get through them all, only to find they moved too quickly and missed some things in between. It is not linear, rather it is a journey taken step by step, day by day, thinking and working proactively through the steps as they go.

12-Steps is Not Treatment

Although using the 12-step process in recovery is great, it is not a replacement for therapy, medication, or other support for addiction. People with dual diagnosis conditions often need more support, along with those who have chronic relapse issues. Don’t substitute doing the 12-steps for addiction recovery treatment, rather see it as a program to use along with the other help available to those who need it.

The Guest House Ocala welcomes people who are struggling with addiction. We are here to support your journey of healing from addiction. We offer help through the 12-steps, along with therapy, medication, and other services provided by professional staff who understand addiction. If you are ready to seek help, call us at 1-855-483-7800