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What Your Anxiety Is Trying to Tell You

Anxiety gets a lot of attention these days. Not only does it take center stage in regular discussions of overall world mental health, but it also takes a lot of our focus. Why shouldn’t it? Anxiety has a nagging way of making itself the center of our attention.

It raises our heart rate uncontrollably and makes breathing difficult. Anxiety can also cause nausea or other symptoms of an upset stomach. We can get headaches and intense feelings of irritability. At its peak, it can cause panic attacks and even depression. Studies show that 90% of individuals with an anxiety disorder also struggle with depression. It’s no wonder treatments for anxiety are taking the world by storm.

No one should have to live with anxiety. The long-term effects of consistent anxiety are unhealthy for our minds and bodies. However, before getting anxious over our anxiety and wondering if we have an anxiety disorder, it is important to reflect on anxiety’s original role in our lives.

The Role of Anxiety

We need to remember that anxiety can serve a purpose. Anxiety is a specifically developed response to fear. Fear is something innate to our well-being. It’s there for a reason. Fear has done a very good job of keeping humans alive for a very long time. Without fear, we wouldn’t have the presence of mind to travel in groups, avoid potentially poisonous insects and snakes, or double-check our pockets to make sure we have our keys.

It is in this vein that anxiety plays a beneficial role. Often, anxiety is trying to tell us something. When we feel the physical, nagging results of an anxious mind, it is a well-developed response to a current or potential threat. Rather than wish it away when it first appears, we might be better off wondering where the anxious feelings are coming from. Asking anxiety why we are responding this way is a healthy way of determining if there is something else we need to address.

Anxiety can’t filter out what is beyond our control. It doesn’t realize that we can’t do anything about the state of the world or gas prices. However, when we do anxiety the courtesy of listening to it, it will listen in turn when we address it. We can acknowledge that we aren’t able to change the world, and it’s beyond our control. We can tell ourselves to be more conscious of our gas use, but we can’t change the prices. While this may not make the anxiety disappear every time, it might help keep it in check.

Treatment Options

This article isn’t designed to dismiss anxiety and the possibility of it playing too much of a role in our lives. Numerous treatment options are out there to help lessen anxiety’s hold on our lives. However, it is essential to remember that every negative feeling we have isn’t always bad. While we may wish anxiety would disappear altogether, it plays a vital role in saving our lives. When seeking help for our anxiety, it’s important to keep in mind which anxiety we’re trying to treat and which one we need.

Anxiety can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, and sometimes crippling. While anxiety does serve a purpose in our lives, too much of it can lead to self-defeating behavior, depression, and physical illness. Knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy anxiety is a key component to living a happier life. You don’t have to make this discovery on your own. The Guest House has been treating anxiety for years and can help you on the path to wellness. Call (855) 483-7800 to learn more.