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As we know, the addiction recovery process can be an overwhelming and confusing one, filled with all kinds of questions we might not yet have the answers to. One of the questions we ask ourselves, especially when we’re newly sober and learning to prioritize our healing for the first time, is where do we go from here? How do we recreate ourselves when we’ve felt so disconnected from our true selves? How do we rebuild ourselves when we’ve hit rock bottom and totally fallen apart? How do we move forward when we’ve been holding ourselves back for so long?

Being Patient With Ourselves

One of the biggest lessons we can learn as we’re recovering from our addictions is to be patient with ourselves in the face of such fear-inducing challenges. Picking ourselves back up again when we’ve fallen lower than we ever imagined falling is one of the hardest things we’ll ever do in our lives. We’re confronting feelings of shame and inadequacy. We’re addressing our mistakes and attempting to make amends to the people we’ve hurt. We’re healing our broken relationships and reconnecting to people we’ve been estranged from. This is emotionally demanding work, work that has to be done if we’re to recover from our addictions and move forward, but we need to be patient with ourselves as we do it. We have a tendency to rush our growth, that we must have it all figured out, as well as pressure ourselves to have the answers to all our problems right away. The healing process takes time. We won’t be cured of our addictions overnight, and recovery is an ongoing, lifelong undertaking. The more patient we can be with ourselves, the less we beat ourselves up for needing time to heal, the more we support ourselves emotionally and make it possible for us to figure out how to move forward. 

Allowing Ourselves to Be Helped

We don’t need to have all the answers to everything, and we don’t have to do it all on our own. We all need help at one point or another in our lives, and when we’re recovering is one of those critical points when we most need support. Allow yourself to be supported by the people around you. Let yourself receive professional help. We tend to believe that being helped makes us weak, powerless, or helpless, but allowing ourselves to be supported is actually a tremendous sign of strength and a sign that we love ourselves enough to take the important step of enlisting support.

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