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Perhaps the most fundamental question at the heart of our struggle with addiction is, what can we do to quit? How can we shed our dependence on our drugs of choice? How can we heal ourselves and create a better life for ourselves? Obviously the answer isn’t a simple one, or we wouldn’t suffer from our addictions as much as we do. We’re dealing with strong mental and emotional attachments to our drugs of choice, along with persistent biochemical dependencies that make us feel we can’t physically survive without them. We come to believe we need our drugs of choice in order to be happy, to feel like ourselves, even to just handle life. We use in order to cope with our emotional pain, our psychological distress, and the physical symptoms of other illnesses we’re grappling with. We use our drugs of choice as coping mechanisms for everything difficult going on in our lives. How can we quit when we’re dealing with such intense addictive patterns?

Get Professional Help

One solution for many of us is to get professional help. The support we receive from a treatment program is often exactly what we needed in order to quit and stay sober over time. When we try to quit alone, we often aren’t equipped with the important coping skills we need in order to shed our dependence on our drug of choice. We don’t yet have the resources for long-term success with our sobriety. We don’t have the internal resources of being able to access our inner strength and develop our resilience, nor do we have the resources of experience and support that addiction recovery experts can provide for us. Many of us are isolating ourselves, keeping our addictions a secret, convinced we can’t get better. We don’t yet know how strong we actually are, and we haven’t opened ourselves up to receive the support available to us.

Believe In Yourself

A major component of quitting our addictions is believing that we can. All the professional help and support in the world can’t make up for the limiting belief that we can’t get sober. We can attend daily support group meetings and therapy sessions. We can work with recovery coaches and check in regularly with our sponsors. If we don’t believe we can recover from our addictions, though, we won’t be able to. We’ll continue to limit, block, and stifle ourselves and our progress. We’ll continue to subconsciously self-sabotage and self-destruct. Shedding our limiting beliefs and getting to a place of total conviction that we can quit our drugs of choice is fundamental to our success in recovery.

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