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Sometimes as we’re doing the work to recover, we can feel overwhelmed by everything we have to do – all the steps we’re taking, all the habits we’re changing, all the emotions we’re addressing, and relationships we’re rebuilding. Our recovery programs can feel daunting and intimidating. When we feel this overwhelmed, we can begin to lose hope. We struggle to have faith in ourselves and our recovery. We feel defeated whenever we’re having a hard time. Every mistake feels like a major setback. We’re devastated when we relapse. While all these feelings are totally normal and very understandable, perhaps we can form a different relationship with our recovery work so that all the challenges we’re going through don’t feel so stressful and debilitating. Maybe we can begin to perceive our recovery differently so that our missteps and mistakes can be integrated more smoothly into our growth and learning.

Our Setbacks are Part of Our Growth

Let’s see everything we’re doing in our recovery programs as being an investment in ourselves. We’re investing in our health and happiness. We’re investing in our inner peace, and our ability to manifest the lives we want for ourselves. When we think of our recovery in this way, we don’t have to see our setbacks as a waste of our time and energy, but instead an important component of the investment we’re making in ourselves. Every mistake we make is a lesson learned. Every obstacle overcome is a spiritual test we’ve mastered. Every time we relapse it means we were trying, and we can try again.

Accepting the Losses to Succeed

Many of us are afraid to undertake the recovery journey because we’re afraid to fail. We’re afraid to even start because we dread how things might turn out. We’re afraid of letting ourselves down yet again. We’re afraid of being judged. We’re afraid of all the disappointment we’ll feel if we relapse again. What if we started looking at our experiences in recovery not as a series of mistakes, but as an investment in ourselves? Sometimes when we’re investing in something, we experience losses. We have highs and lows. We feel like we’re going backward. Everything we experience, though, is contributing to our evolution, and every step we take is part of our healing. Accepting that there will be challenges is part of the process. We can move through the challenges and come out on the other side of them. Investing in our recovery is one of the best things we’ll ever do for ourselves.

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