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Why Should I Attend Medical Detox?

When you’re trapped in addiction, the illness can seem insurmountable. Substance use disorder (SUD) can take a toll on your life. You may lose friendships and employment. Moreover, you may face legal consequences surrounding your substance consumption. Luckily, your SUD does not have to be the end of your story. If you’re ready to start a life of sobriety, the first step is entering detox. Many detox options are available, including at-home, social, and medical. While any option is better than none, medical detox provides the best support and safest outcomes.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring in Medical Detox Facilities

The detox process can quickly and drastically shift depending on the kinds of substances abused, potency, duration of use, and underlying conditions. When you enter a medical detox facility, you receive 24/7 care from your medical team. Nurses, doctors, and mental health professionals will be available to you at a moment’s notice. You’ll be watched for small or large changes in your symptomatology, and your treatment plan will be adjusted as needed.

Mental Health Care Available

In a medical detox center, you aren’t just physically withdrawing from substances. You’re experiencing a mental toll, especially if you’ve had SUD for a long time. Additionally, acute withdrawal from many substances causes a variety of mental health symptoms that you must cope with. Lastly, there are typically underlying reasons, be it trauma or self-medicated mental illnesses, as to why you started using or drinking to begin with.

In a medical facility, you’ll attend group therapy sessions with others going through the same process. You’ll learn coping skills to handle withdrawal and cravings. Additionally, you’ll also attend individual therapy with a mental health professional. They can help you begin to dissect your relationship to substances, the impact they have on your life, and the changes you need to make for a healthier life.

Medical Intervention Options

In medical detox, you will have access to medications that can ease the withdrawal process. A doctor might prescribe a person antinausea and antiseizure meds to prevent life-threatening detox symptoms like vomit asphyxia or seizures. An individual might receive psychiatric medications to decrease the anxiety, depression, insomnia, and psychosis caused by withdrawal. For certain substances like opioids, alcohol, and benzodiazepines, there are prescription medications that can ease the symptoms and cravings associated with detoxification. Overall, your experience with detox will be less painful and mentally taxing at a medical detox facility.

When you decide to heal from your substance use disorder (SUD), it can take a lot of strength and perseverance. The process can become more tolerable when you enter a medical detox setting. In medical detox, you’ll receive around-the-clock care, mental health support, and medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. At The Guest House, we offer all this and more. Rather than transferring facilities after detoxification, you can stay at our facility for inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and aftercare. Our professionals offer the highest level of care. When you’re ready to walk a new path, call (855) 483-7800.