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Pink Cloud

No one could really ever tell you how exhilarating sobriety is, or on the other hand, how difficult dealing with the ramifications of your addiction will be. As you navigate through your recovery, you may see others who have the same amount of days sober as you do but seem to be more joyful and stable than you. What you could be witnessing is them floating on a pink cloud in recovery. You may be asking yourself how to find a pink cloud of your own. First, you should understand what a pink cloud is, and then decide if your recovery needs a pink cloud at all.

A pink cloud is referring to the feeling you get as life moves smoothly, and there is no real struggle getting or remaining sober. While everyone strives to be on a pink cloud, this phenomenon is rarely sustainable. Life will continue to happen with good times and bad times on the horizon. What you do with your sobriety now will be a good indicator of how you handle life on life’s terms, regardless if you are on a pink cloud or not.

Focus On The Truth.

Your self-esteem can suffer when you are in the throes of addiction, which will ultimately carry over into your recovery. Instead of seeing how great you are, your addicted brain tells you that you are a loser, not worth anything. You will never find a pink cloud if you keep bringing yourself down. Try using the 12-Steps, therapy, or positive affirmations to help you to see the truth of who you are becoming in your recovery.

Focus On Your Attitude.

Your expectations may not match how you think everything should be going. When you look at what you have, you may realize things are not as bad as you think. Write a daily gratitude list or thank your Higher Power for anything remotely worth being appreciative for. Once you start the process of changing your attitude, you will see that maybe you do have pink cloud moments. Still, you can also be thankful for the teaching moments that make your recovery more solid.

Pink clouds are not all that people make them out to be, so do not be fooled that you are missing out if you have not had one. While the pink cloud will make you feel great, remember that clouds dissipate, and a pink cloud will not be a sustainable part of your recovery. The downward fall is not always easy. Trying to stay in the middle will help you with all the ups and downs that will continue to come with your recovery.

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