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Recovery is about learning to recognize your emotions. Living in fear of emotions, coping with emotional fear by abusing drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, and other self-defeating behaviors disconnects you from your emotions. You have to learn all over again how to realize you are sad, happy, missing someone, resentful toward someone, scared, angry, and every other emotion. Until you learn how to notice the signs that your emotions are out of order, you might get caught up in hidden signs of stress you aren’t aware of. Once you can realize your source of stress, or just the fact that you are stressed, you will be able to strategize a way to cope.

Physical stress: Everyone manifests physical stress in different ways, in different parts of their body. Many people manifest stress in their neck, shoulders, and lower back. You might have specific injuries that flare up when you’re stressed. Overall aches, pains, and injury could occur as well. Irritable Bowels: When you are activated with stress all the time, your bowels can react in a stressful way. Different stress and anxiety triggered responses can change the bowels. Stress can create constipation and stress can create diarrhea. The fight or flight system releases hormones that disrupts the digestive system causing an upset in the stomach. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a variety of issues in the body. Common signs of stress on the body’s natural ability to maintain vitamins and mineral deficiencies can include: hair falling out, acid reflux, tooth decay, change in skin condition, change in hair condition, and digestive difficulties. Weak immune system: Getting sick constantly is the ultimate sign of a weakened immune system. Catching colds, chronically feeling under the weather, and prone to catch the latest bug going around indicates that your immune system has been compromised. Fuzzy mind: Feeling cognitive difficulties is a sign of stress. With too much stress, the brain starts to slow down. Think of stress as something that puts the brain into overdrive, like a fan. A fan regulates a car, a computer, and other devices that have running motors with a tendency towards overheating. When the fan shuts down, the device gets too hot and the motor stops running.

Stress is the number one mental and physical health threat we face. Unresolved trauma and ongoing addiction causes the body high amounts of stress that can be fatal. The Guest House Ocala offers private, residential treatment for trauma, addictions, and other related issues. There is hope.

There is help.

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